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Welcome to Italy, 73 hotels

Are you looking for a hotel in Italy for business or pleasure? The unique features of our B&B HOTELS are sure to amaze, designed to meet our guests’ every request and need, with a number of opportunities to pamper yourself a little, which makes all the difference between a normal hotel stay and one with top ratings!
Planning your stay in Italy, and finding the best hotels in your area of interest - perhaps close to the train station, airport, a stone’s throw from the beach or important historic sites - is now easier than ever before. B&B HOTELS offers the best accommodation solutions, thanks to its network of hotels in Italy, located in strategic positions, close to famous attractions, public transport stops, the main airports or the city centre.

From Trentino-Alto to Sicily, along the Adriatic Riviera or the seaside of Liguria, whether you prefer the sea, mountains or a lake-side view, close to the most beautiful piazzas, the most famous palazzos or the most romantic sites, B&B HOTELS are listed among the best hotels in Italy, always at your service to ensure your stay in Italy is truly special and that you have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Comfort and amenities at our hotels in Italy

Every room at B&B HOTELS’ 3-star hotels features air conditioning, a comfortable en-suite bathroom, parking options for guests, often free of charge, and super fast Wi-Fi is always included in room rates, as well as a Smart TV with free Sky channels. At our budget hotels, you are always guaranteed comfortable yet elegant surroundings, and our facilities are family friendly and pet friendly. Your pets can spend the night with you for a small supplementary fee. For example, if you are looking for a hotel in the Milan area or a hotel near Milan airport, you can search our website and find a selection of hotels that are perfect for you. Check room availability online, select the area you are interested in, enter your arrival and departure dates and the number of guests and discover the best hotel to suit your needs. You can also add breakfast (for adults and children) to start your day off on the right foot: a delicious buffet breakfast, available daily, with a wide selection of foods to choose from. Book your room directly from the website (single, double, or multiple-bed rooms for parents and children). You will always find the best rates, with discounts and exclusive offers, to plan your budget-friendly trip with the highest level of quality, in a hotel equipped with all the comforts and amenities you may need - all our hotels include a microwave to allow our guests to heat up their meals, free Sky channels, heating and air conditioning - for a wonderful holiday and special stay.

Strategically located hotels with qualified staff

We have more than 50 hotels in 30 Italian cities, located in 12 different regions. Search for the area you are interested in and find available hotels. Whether it’s only for the one night or for longer stays, we always have the prefect offer to suit your needs! For example, if you would like to visit the main tourist attractions in Milan, you can use the website to search for one of our hotels in Milan, close to the historic city centre or in other areas of the city. Similarly, if the Eternal City is your destination of choice, either for business or pleasures, you can easily search for a hotel in Rome which is conveniently located either to allow you to admire the many monuments or visit the numerous museums, or to conduct business. The staff at reception are always available to give you advice on the best ways to get around so you won’t miss out on experiencing the best the city has to offer, wherever you’re staying. One of the services offered by the hotel is the assistance of expert, qualified staff members who are more than happy to help suggest not only things to do and see in the area, including ancient monuments or modern attractions, but also the best restaurants in the local area or the city itself, cycle routes (guests can rent bicycles at some of our hotels!), events happening during your stay, the most on-trend bars and much more. Our hotels in Florence, for example, allows guests to visit the Uffizi Gallery, Giotto’s Campanile and all the other marvels of the city in just a short walk, while our hotel in Turin offers unforgettable bike rides in the parks that surround the city, and it is close to convenient public transport links (leave your car in the hotel car park) to allow you to visit the Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum and the other attractions the Piedmontese capital has to offer, as well as a comfortable room to return to after you have completed your business meetings. All our hotels feature modern accommodation facilities, making them ideal both for guests travelling for pleasure or on business trips, since they blend comfort and practicality, as well as the ease of online booking, all at a ‘smart’ price. In addition, the spacious rooms can accommodate individuals travelling alone, couples, families or groups of friends, to ensure everyone has an unforgettable holiday, with resort-style services and facilities (ample buffet breakfast at the bar with high-quality products, vending machines for snacks and drinks, Sky channels) all at a very budget-friendly cost.

What are you waiting for? Discover all the hotels in Italy from the B&B HOTELS chain, choose your destination and book your room for your next holiday or business trip. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with the whole family, our hotels are the idea solution to ensure you have a pleasant stay in a welcoming and comfortable hotel at a very budget-friendly price.