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  • Imperia
  • 20 Jul. 202421 Jul. 2024
    20 Jul.21 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

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Discover Imperia, Diano Marina, and surroundings
Diano has a tourism tradition that dates back to the late nineteenth century and has transformed it from an ancient center of the olive oil trade to a tourist center of excellence. Today Diano is a town of elegant hotels and beautiful houses illuminated by the sun on the green slopes of Capo Berta. Its gold-colored beach, more than three kilometers long, begins next to the marina and ends at the foot of the cliffs of Capo Berta; here the sea, when it is calm, can take on really "Caribbean" colors. Soft and warm sand, and shallow seabed, are ideal for children. The bathing establishments are the perfect destination for sunbathing or doing marine sports.
But Diano is not only the sea, thanks to the cycle-pedestrian tracks made from the old railway and the numerous events including the Infiorata del Corpus Domini that colors the streets of Diano the colors of the most beautiful flowers of the Riviera.

History and curiosity
Diano Marina has ancient origins probably dating back to the Upper Paleolithic. Around 200 B.C. the Roman Empire built here a settlement that had among its prerogatives the worship of the goddess Diana. It is from the name of the deity, according to some, that one of today’s towns derives. In the course of history, this latter was part of the Republic of Genoa and also of the Kingdom of Sardinia. 

For your walks around Imperia
The Incompiuta is the cycle-pedestrian path that connects the town of Diano Marina to that of Imperia along the route that winds at the base of Capo Berta, the famous promontory of the Riviera di Ponente, It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful walks in Liguria and you can walk or cycle as a "natural bike path".


Monuments and places of interest
Among the elegant buildings of the historic center of Diano Marina stands the nineteenth-century Palazzo del Parco, a villa with three floors of neoclassical style; inside it retains valuable frescoes. Built for the will of a rich local family, today it is a cultural center that houses the MARM, the civic library, and a hall for exhibitions and conferences. The villa also includes a pretty botanical park of the nineteenth century, open to the public. One of the most beautiful viewpoints of Diano Marina is the Forte Sant'Elmo, a defensive building perched on top of the hill of Capo Berta in a scenic position overlooking the sea. 

In the summer season, the sparkling atmosphere of the days by the sea can be enjoyed until late in the evening in many clubs or in the square where every evening the most varied shows follow one another. The musical and theatrical events range from jazz to revival 70-80, from folk to blues, from disco music to opera, from cabaret to ballet, to puppet show, in an amazing succession of events. The traditional appointments of Diano Marina are those with the Carnival, with the parade through the streets of floats and thousands of people in costume, accompanied by the folk band. In June, the town gathers in the celebration of the "Corpus Domini" with the choreography "Infiorata": through the streets of the city, teams of decorators engage at night in colorful compositions and magnificent geometric shapes intertwined, made of petals of flowers on which the procession will pass, the next day. By mid-August, instead, it’s up to the lights on the sea.