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  • Ghent
  • 17 Apr. 202418 Apr. 2024
    17 Apr.18 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Ghent, 1 hotel

Book your stay in a hotel in Ghent

Discover Ghent, a cosmopolitan city in Belgium with an exceptional charm, which will welcome you in a pleasant setting: just two short hours from Paris, Ghent opens its doors to you.

Close to Gent St-Pierre train station, our B&B Hotel Gent Centrum (in Flemish) invites you to live this experience from the historic center of Ghent. All the availability of our rooms according to the number of people is listed on our site. You can also contact us for more information.

Where to sleep in Ghent?

Are you looking for a hotel for a business trip to attend an important meeting? Would you like to discover Flanders for a short weekend or spend several nights there? Our establishment , modern and located in close proximity to all amenities, will be your greatest asset for enjoying the best of Ghent. Thanks to its rooms being able to accommodate from 2 to 4 people, your stay, solo or with children, will take place in optimal conditions.

You can enjoy our family rooms, equipped with air conditioning. You can also discover the city with your pets. Indeed, our affordable hotel welcomes your 4-legged friends. Do not hesitate to bring a map to discover every corner of the city and admire the gothic-style buildings.

Why choose our B&B Hotel in Ghent?

For its perfect geographical location: as you will see on the map, our B&B Hotel Ghent Center is located in the heart of the historic center.

After a day of seminars or sightseeing, you can relax in a comfortable air-conditioned hotel room, with a private bathroom, large, high-quality bedding, etc. No doubt you will have some excellent nights in our hotel

And to start the day on the right foot after a good night's sleep, you can enjoy a sweet/savory breakfast!

Discover the city of Ghent

Ghent: the other Venice of the North

This is the nickname of the Flemish city. Indeed, with the Lys and the Scheldt River drawing its map, with its cobbled streets, Ghent has something that could put the cities of Antwerp or Bruges to shame, with both of which it forms the tourist trio par excellence to visit in Belgium .

What will surely not escape you when you stroll through the historic heart of Ghent is the profusion of colors and architectural styles that punctuate its center and which will delight fine works enthusiasts.

For those looking for tranquility and relaxation, day or night, Ghent also reserves beautiful spaces to stroll along the canals, in alleys and shopping squares, or even on the terrace, for an evening dedicated to tasting Belgian recipes loved by Ghent’s residents. Stop at a restaurant and taste the typical national dishes (waterzooi, Ganda Ham, etc.)!

The unmissable places to visit in Ghent

Take advantage of your affordable Ghent accommodation to discover the city and its historic center. This is the opportunity for you to discover and visit ancient and atypical places! Discover the places of worship recommended to you by the guides.

Starting with the Belfry of Ghent, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which from its 95-meter height will offer you a breathtaking view of the city. The vestiges of the cloth town’s glorious past follow: the Castle of the Counts and the Saint Bavo Cathedral, which pay homage to the Medieval Period and its customs and traditions. Saint Michael’s bridge (where the most beautiful photos are usually taken) will guide you to the Graslei Quay, giving the city its romantic little character.

Here, hundreds of street vendors and artisans stand by to introduce you to local customs. Admire the facades of houses that could rival vivid paintings: fans of colors, China and all kinds of curiosities, Ghent will delight you!

Need we also remind you of the abundance of museums in the city? Museums where Art once again holds a place of predilection. From Street Art and Design - which make the city a benchmark for the whole world - to Medieval Arts, travel through time during your stay in Ghent by visiting the 4 main museums which will share all the secrets of the city with you and make you see it from a new perspective.

Today, Ghent also stands out thanks to the existence of festivals which punctuate the life of the city all year round: Floralies Ghent, Gentse Feesten in summer or OdeGand in autumn, Ghent is adorned with its costume of festive and international city.

What to do in Ghent and its surroundings?

If you have a car , know that Bruges , Antwerp or even Brussels are an hour's drive away. Ghent enjoys a central location on the Belgian map, ideally situated for a break on your road trip or when you’re looking for your next base. If you don’t have a vehicle, look into car rental . You can get out of the city and enjoy its surroundings for a day.

No doubt your stay in Ghent will put stars in your eyes, so go ahead and book your stay in our affordable Ghent hotel and take advantage of attractive tariffs in line with your budget!