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B&B HOTELS Belgium: think about it for your family stays!

Find the perfect accommodation for the whole family!

This is often one of the most critical points in the organization of family holidays: housing the whole tribe!  How do I do this? What to choose?

At B&B HOTELS and in our hotels in Belgium, we offer rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people to allow you to spend pleasant nights with your family at the hotel.

And we adapt to your needs!

Kid-friendly services?

Because travel rhymes with relaxation, at B&B HOTELS Belgium, we also think about the desires of children: 

- double beds and single beds: our rooms are modular and adapt to your needs and those of the children. 

- a flat screen accompanied by its Chromecast service: for the morning cartoons or the latest popular series that we can no longer do without, there will be something for all tastes and moods. 

Speaking of which, what about breakfast? We also thought about the family! Tailor-made, the complete breakfast will convince the most demanding and the most discerning palates. All this at a very low price.

B&B HOTELS: to stay with your family throughout Belgium

We welcome you to various regions of Belgium:

  • If you are in the capital of Belgian Flanders, our hotels in Brussels are perfect for all your types of travel as they are right in the city center, close to monuments, shops, restaurants and other points of interest in the city.
  • Our B&B HOTELS in Antwerp welcomes you for a weekend to enjoy the many activities offered in the city.
  • A stay in eastern Flanders, our hotel in, Ghent, located in the historic center of the city, will allow you to stay close to the must-see places of Flemish culture and architecture.
  • Our B&B HOTEL in Hasselt will welcome you in a cultural and artistic city, for a very good value accommodation.
  • Discover the "Cité Ardente"! A must-see tourist city in Wallonia, Liège will charm you with its city centre and its surroundings.

Your dog or cat is also welcome, for an additional fee of € 6.00 per animal per night.

* Subject to availability. An additional fee of €5 will be charged per bed per night. For the safety of all, we invite you to contact the hotel directly during the opening hours of the reception desk to find the best and simplest solutions to allow the baby to sleep well.