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  • Famalicão Hotel B&B
  • 16/05/202217/05/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Famalicão, 1 hotel

Vila Nova de Famalicão, better known as Famalicão is a Portuguese city of 140,000 inhabitants in the district of Braga. It is ideally located between the main cities of interest in the north of the Portuguese country. A few minutes drive from both Porto and Braga, this city became a fundamental enclave in the industrial development of the country and this is something that can be seen in the landscape it offers. Now, the city is in a process of rebirth and rehabilitation that is seeking to give it a greener and more accessible touch to attract new inhabitants, something in which they are excelling since in the last 3 decades they already have 45% more residents.

Connected to the north of Portugal

What makes Famalicão attractive, in addition to it’s commitment to continue growing and become a reference city in the country, it’s connection. Both by car and by public transport it is very well connected to Braga, Guimaraes and, of course, Porto, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes by car. This, staying in Famalicão is a great option if you want to know the northern part of the country. It is also an excellent choice if our trip is for work, since B&B Hotel Famalicão is fully equipped to work from there both from the room itself and from the workroom that is enabled.

What to know about Famalicão?

Famalicão, which has become one of the main Portuguese economic powers, also has great secrets to discover. The best examples are it’s medieval churches, such as the Igreja de Santiago de Antas dating from 1200 or the Mosteiro de Landim. It also hosts an interesting railroad museum or the Museu Bernardino Machado museum.

In addition, carnivals are celebrated throughout the city so it is a great destination if we want to discover something new for those dates. On the other hand, the city also celebrates the Feira Grande de São Miguel to gather farmers and artisans.

If we want some sea on our trip, we also have good news. Because from the B&B Hotel Famalicão to Vila do Conde with Póvoa de Varzim, a village on the Atlantic coast, it takes only 20 minutes taking the A7.

Gastronomy to enjoy

Gastronomy is a standard for Famalicão, in fact, every year they celebrate a gastronomic festival. Almost like everywhere else in Portugal, in this town cod is a star dish and can be eaten in many ways, although the most typical is bacalhau à lagareiro. But, beyond the cod, there is a typical dish well known in the Portuguese gastronomy as the cabidela rice, which you can not miss if you travel to this charming Portuguese city. We also recommend you to enjoy the cocido a la portuguesa or the rojoes con papas de sarrabulho.