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  • Montpellier Hotel B&B
  • 17/01/202218/01/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hôtels in Montpellier, 4 hotels

Discover our affordable hotels in Montpellier and come and enjoy the charm of Languedoc-Roussillon, of this history-rich city and of its sunny pavement cafés. From Le Pic Saint-Loup to the Cathédrale Saint Pierre to the oldest running medical school, this maritime city is well worth a visit. Book a room in one of our hotels in Montpellier.

Book your hotel in Montpellier

B&B Hôtels will take care of your accommodation in Montpellier, leaving you free to plan the rest of your trip! It couldn’t be easier in this friendly city, which is propelled by its large student population into a whirlwind of parties and culture, whose history unfolds before you as you walk its streets. Its typically Mediterranean climate will make you forget the usual greyness and allow you to recharge your batteries as a family or among friends.

Accommodation options in Montpellier

Need to be close to the city centre or airport ? We can offer you a choice of three affordable hotels in Montpellier. Our full-comfort establishments offer several room types suitable for all kinds of stay. Book directly online right now!

Choose our best hotels in Montpellier!

The B&B Hôtel Montpellier Centre Le Millénaire is in a perfect location, near the bustling city centre of Montpellier. The rooms in this hotel all feature broadband Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a flat-screen television. Just 5 km away from Montpellier railway station, whether for a family weekend away or a business trip this hotel in Montpellier is sure to appeal. With the A9 motorway (La Languedocienne) 6.5 km away and Montpellier Méditerranée airport less than 9 km away, this hotel enjoys a strategic location that makes it easy to reach for those travelling.

Our B&B Hotel Montpellier (2) is the perfect place for spending a few days in Montpellier and exploring the city. Close to public transport links, this hotel is also near the A9 motorway. Want to stroll around the city centre? Head to the "Saint Jean le Sec" tram stop. Services from there will take you to the city centre. A few minutes’ drive away you’ll find, among others, the Montpellier Zénith and the Mare Nostrum aquarium. We guarantee you free unlimited Wi-Fi in every room, as well as air conditioning which is a big plus in terms of comfort in the summer.

The B&B Hotel Montpellier (1) is the perfect base for tourists wanting to visit Montpellier and the surrounding area. Near the A9 motorway and tram links, this hotel will appeal to the whole family! Popular due to its excellent value for money, this hotel is 5 minutes’ walk from a tram stop. Services from there head directly to Montpellier city centre, with the whole journey taking no more than about 15 minutes.

Don’t delay—book your affordable hotel in Montpellier today!

Visit the city of Montpellier

The ramparts were torn down by order of Richelieu. The fortified city walls gave way to boulevards which, built along the lines of the old Ecusson, surround the city’s history-rich centre. Only two of the towers stood up to the Cardinal: the Tour de la Babote, a former astronomy observatory, and the Tour des Pins, both of which date back to the 12th century. The latter is mentioned in a prophecy by Nostradamus, who predicts that should the tower someday lose the pine trees that stand atop it, the city will turn to ashes on that day. They are still there.

Things to do in Montpellier

You have so many options when it comes to itineraries, the best bet however being to try getting lost in the Ecusson, the history-rich centre of Montpellier, in the Jardins du Peyrou, from Antigone to Port Marianne, or in the narrow streets of Les Arceaux, of the Beaux-Arts quarter or near the University’s medicine faculty which dates back some 800 years. Don’t miss the Théâtre de la Comédie, a nice little Italianate theatre that’s always very vibrant and lively.
Lastly, a little further afield at 20 km away from Montpellier, the Pic Saint Loup is something for keen hikers and those who appreciate lovely landscapes. This mountain is a protected site of natural beauty, which reaches 658 m at its peak and is home to a large number of birds of prey.

Although Montpellier is not the city with the most monuments, it still has a rich heritage, which is there to be observed wherever you look. A doorway, an arcade, an engraved piece of wording, the very buildings tell tales from the Middle Ages. L’Hôtel Jacques Cœur and the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, with its adjacent cloister, are well worth a visit. In terms of culture, the musée Fabre, the main art museum in Montpellier is a must-see attraction as part of your family weekend away.

The city in Languedoq is lively and vibrant 365 days a year - that much will be obvious to you when you stay in Montpellier. Festival International des Sports Extrêmes, Printemps des Comédiens, Festival Radio France, Comédie du Livre, Estivales, Festival des Fanfares, concert at the Rockstore (a church that’s been converted into a concert venue): there are plenty of opportunities to party, so go ahead with your holiday plans and book an affordable hotel room in Montpellier!