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  • Napoli
  • 21 Jun. 202422 Jun. 2024
    21 Jun.22 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Napoli, 2 hotels

Exploring Naples

Naples has a thousand faces and a thousand colours. Blue - like the sea, yellow and vibrant - like the lemons of Sorrento, green – like the maritime pines, white - like Punchinello’s outfit. Enjoy the sea breeze on Via Caracciolo’s seafront, taste a real Neapolitan pizza and the numerous specialties of this culinary capital, and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the islands in the Gulf of Naples. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the city’s allure, whilst you let B&B Hotels take care of your stay in Naples.

Where to book in Naples

Here for you is our offer for a reasonably-priced, high-quality Hotel in Naples. The B&B Hotel Napoli is located in Piazza Garibaldi, 200 metres from the historic town centre and strategically located for reaching all of Naples’ major attractions such as the Royal Palace, Piazza del Plebiscito and the National Museum. Not far from the B&B Hotel is the embarkation point for the most beautiful and breathtaking islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. It is also perfect for visiting the historical excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

History and urbanism

The influence of kingdoms and the courts of the Angevins, Aragon and the Bourbons played their part in making Naples one of the cities in the world with the greatest number of monuments. Naples is also a city steeped in religious fervour, with hundreds of historic churches, convents, cloisters and monasteries. But Naples also represents contemporary art, as witnessed by the "Metro dell’Arte" (Art Subway) project, where some of the city’s subway stations have received awards for being among the most beautiful in the world. So a ride on the subway is not to be underrated and the B&B Hotel Napoli is just a stone’s throw away from Garibaldi station.


Stroll along the streets of the city centre, where you'll find castles, theatres and the city’s many and most important buildings, surrounded by Piazza Municipio and Piazza del Plebiscito. Relax by taking a walk along the promenade of Via Caracciolo and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Gulf, with its iridescent colours, that change according to the seasons and the time of day. Not-to-be-missed is a trip to the wonderful islands of the Gulf of Naples: Procida, Ischia and Capri as well as a visit to Pompeii. What better place to start your holiday than Naples!


Henry James once wrote: “Naples - a city where ‘pleasure’ is actively cultivated”. And so it is that between a frittura (fish fry) - the original finger food before people even began calling it such, and a pizza in one of the city's historic pizzerias, one becomes aware that Naples is overflowing with art and that everywhere the city will surprise you with its churches, buildings and historic monuments. An absolute must for all lovers of art is a visit to the Gallery of the Capodimonte Museum, whilst in the Chapel of Sansevero it will be possible to admire the Veiled Christ, one of the city’s most remarkable sculptures. Beneath the streets of this historic city centre it is also possible to visit Subterranean Naples: it's a journey of discovery of the city’s most ancient history. After a day spent visiting the city, what better than to lie down on a comfortable bed.


Naples lives to the rhythm of its celebrations, major events and big occasions. In May the Maggio dei Monumenti festival offers guided tours, concerts and free admission to many museums. On 19 September the city celebrates the feast of St. Januarius, Patron Saint of Naples, and it's an opportunity to submerge yourself totally in the city’s most popular atmosphere and its superstition. December is the month when a stroll along Via San Gregorio Armeno is an absolute must, in order to view the celebrated nativity scenes created by artisan workshops. Boredom is impossible in Naples.