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  • Bergamo
  • 19 Jun. 202420 Jun. 2024
    19 Jun.20 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B Hotels in Bergamo, 1 hotel

Exploring Bergamo

Whether viewed from up above or down below, Bergamo is a characteristic city, above all because of its “two souls” - the Upper City and the Lower City. You can take the funicular to reach the Upper City, where you can visit Piazza Vecchia, enjoy views of the city from the Venetian Walls (or the Gombito Tower), or you can check out the night life and the modern shopping streets of the Lower City.

Where to book in Bergamo

Are you looking for an inexpensive hotel in Bergamo? Welcome to our B&B Hotel Bergamo! The B&B Hotel Bergamo is strategically located not far from the A4 motorway, just a few minutes away from the railway station and only 2 km from the lower funicular that takes passengers directly to Upper Bergamo. Located close to the centre of Lower Bergamo, the B&B Hotel Bergamo is the perfect solution for anyone visiting the city or wanting to do business in the areas of Bergamo and Milan.

History and urbanism

Bergamo is a precious city of art, with both Lombard and Venetian influences, thanks above all to the domination of the Republic of Venice, of which many traces still remain to this day. Places and things such as the Contarini Fountain in Piazza Vecchia the many escutcheons on the city gates, and the actual walls that protect the upper city. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit the Accademia Carrara, one of Italy’s richest and most important museums containing masterpieces by Botticelli, Lorenzo Lotto, Bellini and Mantegna and so many more.


A walk along the walls that enclose the entire city in a ring that measures more than 5 km in length, will allow you to take in a splendid view of the valley in which the city stands. The area of Parco dei Colli has some undoubtedly charming and picturesque routes that wend their way through woods, chestnut groves, meadows and small valleys. An alternative to the above are the Lakes of Iseo and Endine, where it is possible to take part in sporting and open-air activities, or enjoy traditional local delicacies.


The Upper City is the medieval quarter that stands on the hill overlooking the Lower City (the more modern part). It is amazing because of the variety of different monuments and works contained within it. The old part of the city can be reached using the funicular that will offer you the splendid sight of the city’s wall, as well as a beautiful view and the possibility of exploring the charm of the Upper City, that has an abundance of interesting places. Once in Piazza Vecchia, the city’s veritable renaissance parlour, it is well worth taking time out to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, the Colleoni Chapel, the Cathedral and the Civica Tower.


Between the end of May and the beginning of June Bergamo plays host to the characteristic Palio of the Upper City. For the three days of the Palio, Bergamo revisits its ancient origins and Piazza Vecchia is crammed with onlookers who have come to witness the parades of the medieval group. The event is enriched by local dances, wine and food tours, and theatrical and travelling company productions. On 26 August the city celebrates its patron, Saint Alexander of Bergamo. This day is an opportunity for the city of Bergamo to offer a packed calendar of events: from the concert of bells in the city, to the historical re-enactment in period costume with the traditional greeting of the city authorities in Piazza Vecchia.