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  • Bordeaux
  • 15 Jul. 202416 Jul. 2024
    15 Jul.16 Jul.
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B&B HOTELS in Bordeaux, 14 hotels


Our hotels in Bordeaux

Plan your stay to visit Bordeaux

Looking for ideas and tips to enjoy your holidays in the South West? Come to Bordeaux, the region’s metropolis, a city full of things to do and places to discover. Here are our top tips!

Where to sleep in Bordeaux?

During your stay in the Bordeaux region, choose your accommodation among our best hotels in Bordeaux!

Here are our hotels in the city centre: B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Centre Gare Saint-JeanB&B HOTEL Bordeaux Centre Bègles or B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Bassins à flot.

You can also stay at one of our hotels near Bordeaux: B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Lac sur Bruges, our B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Sud, B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Lormont, B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Mérignac Hôtel de Ville and Mérignac Aéroport ; B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Est, B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Sud MiosB&B HOTEL LangonB&B HOTEL Bordeaux Le HaillanB&B HOTEL Bordeaux Saint-André-de-Cubzac or our B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Talence.

What is there to do in Bordeaux?

The Pearl of Aquitaine is a lively city that offers many activities for both Bordeaux residents and those staying in the region.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy many cultural events throughout the city. For the more athletic among you, you can attend a Girondins de Bordeaux match at the Matmut Atlantic Stadium. For rugby lovers, enjoy your stay in the South-West by attending a Union Bordeaux Bègles (UBB Rugby) match.

During your stay in Bordeaux you can also partake in the many cultural events organised at the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux such as an opera, a ballet or a theatrical performance,depending on your tastes.

Are you spending a long week end in Bordeaux ? See you at the bookstore market which takes place every Friday at Place de la Victoire.

Looking for something more original? Go on a boat trip on the Garonne to discover the city from another point of view.

Explore Bordeaux’s top sights

A city beloved by tourists for years, Bordeaux is especially loved by photographers. Bordeaux’s most famous monument is the reflecting pool at Place de la Bourse.

A UNESCO World Heritage City, theold city invites you to wander through the narrow streets of the UNESCO Bordeaux Perimeter. By bike or by foot, you can explore the iconic Saint-André de Bordeaux Cathedral and the Chartrons district.

Explore the longest pedestrian street in Europe, Rue Sainte-Catherine, located in the heart of Bordeaux.

What are Bordeaux’s top sights?

During your stay in the South-West metropolis, don’t miss out on the must-see places like the Saint-Pierre Quarter, considered as the historical city centre. You’ll easily find a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Located just behind the Place de la Bourse and of the Miroir d’eau, you can also stroll among the picturesque little streets.

You can also explore the Place des Quinconces, known for its Girondins historical monument. Located in the city centre, the square is between the Opera and the CAPC, the contemporary art museum of the city of Bordeaux.

Enjoy your visit to the city centre by exploring the Public Gardens and the Museum of Natural History.

Book your weekend to Bordeaux

Explore Bordeaux in 2 days

To enjoy your stay in Bordeaux on a budget, you can get a Bordeaux City Pass for different lengths depending on your stay: 24, 48 or 72 hours. This pass gets your free access to many of the city’s monuments and museums: Cité du Vin, Pey-Berland Tower (Saint-André cathedral) and more. You can also get around the city with unlimited use of public transport.

Bordeaux by bike

For your family holidays, you can visit the city at your own pace. You can rent bicycles and explore the more than 200km of bike paths and greenways that circulate throughout the entirety of Bordeaux and its surroundings.

Bordeaux - Lacanau by bike

Enjoy your holidays in Bordeaux by exploring its endless beaches! There are 66.5km between Bordeaux and Lacanau, which makes for a great day trip along the coast, by bike via a route entirely designed for cyclists. Getting to the beaches of Lacanau from the centre of Bordeaux will take you about 4 and half hours.

Explore Bordeaux by foot

For those looking to explore the city by foot during their stay, the city is perfect for this kind of visit. You can easily cross the Garonne to the right bank thanks to the Pont de Pierre that connects the historic city centre to the less touristy right bank.

You can enjoy your visit to Bordeaux with a walk along the Garonne and with visits to off-the-beaten-path places like the Darwin Ecosystem.

The main streets of the historic city centre are pedestrian-friendly, so you can explore the architectural wealth that will appeal to both history and modern architecture lovers.

Where to go out for food or a drink in Bordeaux?

To fully take advantage of local and regional specialties, our hotel staff can point you towards the best sites and restaurants so that you can discover and taste the many dishes and drinks produced in the Bordeaux and South West regions: wines, Bordeaux cannelés and much, much more!

Our tips for exploring Bordeaux and its surroundings

The Bordeaux wine route

For the most epicureans among us, the Bordeaux region is perfect for a trip to the vineyards.

Don’t have time to visit the vineyards around Bordeaux? Explore the Cité du Vin, a museum located in the heart of the city, where you can visit the permanent collection, as well as a number of temporary exhibitions. Take the opportunity to climb up to the Belvedere and enjoy a glass of wine straight from the Bordeaux vineyards.

After your visit, treat yourself to a walk along the Garonne in the gardens of the Cité du Vin.