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Book your hotel with parking with B&B HOTELS in France

Are you looking for a hotel with parking? Our entire network of hotels in France offers parking solutions to meet your needs, whether you’re a business person on the road or an individual enjoying a weekend trip or a longer holiday!

Discover our hotels with parking in Paris

For your holidays and business trips in Paris, we are happy to welcome you in our hotels offering secure private car parks (free or for an extra charge depending on the location) where you can confidently park your vehicle during your stay with us.

Our hotels with parking in Orly

If you’re heading to the airport the next morning or are staying with us during a layover, we will be happy to welcome you in any of our 3 hotels with parking near the Orly airport, where you can park your car easily during your stay in our hotels.

You can also opt for a hotel near the Orly airport with a car park and a shuttle, making it even easier for you to reach the terminal.

If you’re looking for somewhere to leave your vehicle during your travels, we also have a hotel with long-term parking in Orly where you can park your car.

A hotel with parking in Roissy

Are you looking for a hotel near the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport? Get a good night’s sleep in a fully-equipped, affordable hotel near Roissy CDG.

On the weekend, during the holidays or just for a simple layover, you can enjoy our hotel with parking in Roissy CDG by booking your stay on our official website. You can also contact us for more information about long-term parking without being present at the hotel.

Our hotels with parking all over France

For your travels and holidays, we welcome you in our hotels in large cities and rural areas where you will have access to all the usual B&B HOTELS amenities. You can take advantage of all our hotels with parking to park your vehicle during the entirety of your stay.