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Welcome to B&B HOTELS Denmark, 2 hotels

B&B HOTELS Offers Denmark: The smart choice for your holiday in Denmark

Have you already been to Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic and Norway on your last holidays? Then you should discover Denmark next! Denmark's unique landscapes are worth a visit, no matter what time of year. This small kingdom in the middle of the North Sea and Danish Baltic Sea has plenty to offer visitors. Thanks to the many small Danish islands and its impressive hospitality, Denmark welcomes tourists from all over the world every year. From cyclists to beach goers, city slickers to families, everyone is welcome!

Affordable accommodation in Denmark

Whether you are planning a short break or a longer stay in Denmark, B&B HOTELS Denmark provide the perfect accommodation for your unforgettable stay in this Scandinavian country. B&B HOTELS Denmark hotels offer affordable and modern rooms in centrally located accommodation to suit your holiday plans. They offer the perfect base for your holiday in Denmark.

Holidays in Denmark – something for everyone!

Denmark is the perfect destination – whether you are planning a beach holiday on the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, an active holiday in Jutland or a relaxing break in the beautiful port city of Esbjerg. The country offers countless activities and sights to discover during your trip.

The city of Vejle is a popular destination. It combines all the best advantages of city life with spectacular surrounding nature. With beaches by the fjord, the Jelling Monument UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Urstromtal Vejle Ådal and the Givskud Zoo, which you can discover in your own car, Vejle is an all-round exciting holiday resort. Our B&B HOTEL in Vejle is the perfect starting point for your adventures!

You’ll find many options to fill your days during your holiday in Denmark. For example, you can enjoy the tranquility and beautiful nature of the country. Or you can visit cultural attractions in big cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense, and spend a relaxed evening at a bar. Alternatively, take a holiday in Kolding, a city characterised by design, history, art and culture.

If you are more drawn to the sea, a trip to Skagen is perfect. This is the northernmost place in Denmark where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. There’s something to suit every taste.

Active holidays in Denmark

If you prefer an active holiday, there is a number of possibilities open to you in Denmark. The country offers great opportunities for outdoor activities both in summer and winter. In summer, you can go hiking, cycling or climbing, for example. In winter, the numerous ski resorts are popular excursion destinations. In Denmark you can also try an extensive range of water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing or kitesurfing.

What you can look forward to on a Copenhagen getaway

Copenhagen is the capital of the Danish Kingdom and, with around 600,000 inhabitants, the largest Danish metropolis. The city is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world and is a pioneer in the areas of climate protection and sustainability. In addition, the architecture of buildings such as the Amalienborg Palaces and the Christiansborg Residence is worth seeing.

Copenhagen inspires with a wide range of cultural and culinary offerings: The creative-alternative flair of Copenhagen can be experienced with a visit to the numerous museums, theatres and exhibitions. Experimental restaurant goers will enjoy dinner at one of the many award-winning restaurants.

Among the most famous attractions of the city are the Tivoli amusement park, the new harbour, the pedestrian zone to the Old and New Market and St. Petri Church, which dates back to 1586. The city's most famous landmark, however, is the Little Mermaid sitting on a stone in front of the Langelinie waterfront.

Experience Denmark's sights

In Denmark, there are numerous attractive places to visit during your stay, as well as interesting sights that stretch across the Kingdom. A popular way to discover the most beautiful regions on the Danish North Sea and Baltic Sea is by bike.

Discover Denmark: Cultural and historical highlights

Denmark's top cultural highlights not only include the museums in Copenhagen. You can also experience first-class art in the popular Aarhus Art Museum or the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding.

In addition, the town of Helsingør is known for Kronborg Castle, where William Shakespeare played his drama Hamlet. In Helsingør you can also visit the Fairy Tale Museum or take a ride on the historic railway train to Hillerød. Alternatively, visit Denmark's oldest city, Ribe.

Holidays in Denmark for the whole family

A trip to Denmark is not only ideal for cultural or active holidaymakers. The small country is also very popular with families and offers great excursion destinations for children with its coastal and dune landscapes. Kids can also look forward to numerous amusement parks – such as the well-known "Legoland". Are you looking for an inexpensive and comfortable hotel in Denmark for the whole family? Then you should choose a B&B HOTEL. You can enjoy a cheap family holiday in Denmark thanks to B&B HOTELS.

Getting to Denmark

There are many ways to get to Denmark. Transport includes plane, car and train. When it comes to flying to Denmark, Copenhagen Airport is the main hub. Want to travel with your own car and explore Denmark's small towns far away from the tourist destinations? Then you can reach your preferred holiday destination directly by ferry. Direct ferry connections to Denmark are offered from Puttgarden and Rostock. The best way to start your journey by train is from Hamburg or Flensburg. Here, direct connections are also offered with car or night trains.

Denmark holidays: The right choice for everyone

Look forward to an unforgettable stay at B&B HOTELS Denmark. Visit our B&B HOTELS Denmark hotels with your dog or cat. You are welcome to bring your pet with you to our hotel for a small additional fee. Take the opportunity to book your holiday in one of the most popular hotels in Denmark now – we look forward to your visit!

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