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  • Savona
  • 25 May 202426 May 2024
    25 May26 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B Hotels in Savona, 1 hotel

Discover Savona

Located on the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, Savona is called "City of the Popes" for the artistic heritage of the Renaissance left by Sixtus IV and Julius II, popes-mecenates both from the noble Savona family of Della Rovere. In addition to valuable architectural works, Savona boasts a clean and crystal clear sea awarded the Blue Flag, which welcomes tourists with four kilometers of beaches with bathing establishments equipped with every comfort and a lively and characteristic port area. To visit all the points of interest of the city and discover even its most hidden sides, the B & B Hotel Savona is the perfect choice. Book your stay and get on the road: we are waiting for you!

Where to book in Savona

For your business or leisure holidays, the B&B Hotel Savona has all the comforts you need! Just 5 minutes by car from the motorway exit and 3 km from the train station, the new B&B Hotel is located a few meters from the sea and its beaches. Through a promenade you can get directly into the historic center and start exploring the city.

History and curiosities

According to some, as the assonance between "Savona" and the word "soap" suggests, the latter was invented in this city. In the Ligurian tradition, it is said that it was the wife of a fisherman who discovered the raw formula, boiling together in a pot olive oil and lye soda. Among the specialties of the kitchen there are instead the white gachas, prepared with wheat flour, the panissa, made with chickpea flour, fried and served sliced, macaroni with tripe and chinotto, a product of which was the first exporter worldwide until the end of the nineteenth century.

For your walks

After greeting the blue sea, you can start to visit the city from the sixteenth-century fortress of Priamar. A charming cultural citadel, it contains the Archaeological Museum, the Muso Pertini Cuneo, a Congress Centre and, during the summer, an open-air theatre that hosts a rich festival of shows under the stars. Near the Priamar is the old dock, a real agora that attracts tourists and Savonians for aperitifs and dinners based on fish in a festive and convivial atmosphere. To enter the city centre, it passes by the Brandale Towers with the large bell called "A Campanessa". From there, proceed towards the Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti and the Monumental Complex of the Duomo. If you feel like cycling, follow the green route of the Letimbro Valley (SV), where you will find the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy, one of the most important Marian sanctuaries in Italy.

Monuments and places of interest

Besides containing Renaissance masterpieces and one of the most beautiful wooden choirs in Europe, the Cathedral of the Assumption houses the relics of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. Inside the Palazzo di Pietà, there is the Museum of Ceramics, a direct testimony to the mastery of Savona in the art of ceramics that houses more than a thousand works on four floors. The Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti is home to the picture gallery where are exposed seventeenth-century altarpieces, white-blue majolica and precious ceramics. If you are a technology enthusiast, the All About Apple Museum is a milestone that deserves to be visited, because it contains almost all the production of PCs, peripherals, accessories, Apple prototypes from the dawn of 1976 to the present day. Finally, if you love speleology, spend a day in the Toirano Caves (SV) and travel back in time to prehistoric times. Amongst stalactites and stalagmites, you'll visit Europe's largest cave bear cemetery.


At the end of April, during the Salonissimo event, the Tango Festival takes place and Savona becomes a large dance floor, where tango champions and all lovers of this art can try their hand at competitions, public performances and preparatory courses. Between late May and mid-June, music is the real protagonist, thanks to the International Music Festival that spreads the notes of sacred music throughout the province of Savona. Finally, the FLU, the Festival of Urban Languages, opens the doors of old steelworks, furnaces and shipyards, to show tourists and citizens how the industrial era has radically changed the architecture, culture and daily life of Savona.