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  • Kiel
  • 21 Jun. 202422 Jun. 2024
    21 Jun.22 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Kiel, 3 hotels

Kiel – diverse and exciting!

Discover the harbour city of Kiel from our affordable B&B Hotel! Make your trip to this fjord city even more memorable with a sailboat tour. Sailing courses, diving and rowing are just some of the activities you can try in this nautical paradise. Get inspired by the many museums and historical buildings in Schleswig-Holstein’s state capital. Kiel’s diversity will really surprise you!

Overnight stays in Kiel: Schleswig-Holstein in all its abundance

The city of Kiel is the popular state capital of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, and it is also one of the last major cities in northern Germany. The city has many small cozy streets and has a special ambience due to the proximity to the water - mainly the Baltic Sea. The north offers spectacular holiday and recreational opportunities for numerous visitors and has enough destinations for travelers to Kiel in both summer and winter.

It is therefore not surprising that Kiel exudes a maritime flair and is one of the few cities in Germany with access to open water. This atmosphere carries through the whole city and is echoed by many sights.

Our B&B HOTEL Kiel-City is located in the immediate vicinity of the water, which also impresses with its direct proximity to the city center of Kiel. Here you will find many great restaurants and you can go directly to the modern port city and you will actually find both in Kiel: Adventure & Relaxation. Guests in our B&B HOTELS in Kiel can rely on excellent service from the service staff at our reception, who will be happy to offer you help and answer your questions. In all our rooms in the city of Kiel you will find free WiFi, modern rooms, soundproof windows, and free Sky TV access with flat screen TV.

Discover the diversity of Kiel: Water, nature and center

City trips to Kiel are pure excitement. For example, the botanical garden in Kiel, which is located very close to the edge of the Baltic Sea and can be visited as a public place, is a great destination. It is not for nothing that it is described as one of the most beautiful landscaped gardens in Germany. The unique thing about this city is that the days can be planned in a particularly unusual way. On the one hand you sit directly on the beach of the Baltic Sea and can visit the next attraction in the city in just a few minutes. Visits to the water can be perfectly planned with a walk to the nearest bar or café, and then target the sights one by one.

Overnight stay in the old town of Kiel: In close proximity to the popular arena and the Baltic Sea

Our great and inexpensive B&B HOTEL Kiel-Holstenbrückeis located in the immediate vicinity of the old town. From here you have the opportunity to discover new highlights in Kiel every day. Gastronomy can be found here as well as access to great parks that can be reached on foot. The proximity to the popular (highest number of visitors in northern Germany) Wunderino Arena makes this hotel the perfect place to stay for sports enthusiasts and event lovers.

We are happy to recommend our first class EVERYONE's Bar in this B&B HOTEL. Here you will not only get freshly tapped beer, cocktails and delicious drinks, but you can also browse our menu (we recommend the delicious pizza).

B&B Hotels in Kiel

Guests can stay in the following standard room categories: Rooms with a French bed for one or two people, double and triple rooms and family rooms are standard in all of our modern hotel rooms. In our B&B HOTELS in Kiel you can also enjoy free Wi-Fi and free Sky TV programs. All rooms are equipped with soundproofed windows, a desk, wardrobe, and flat-screen TV. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, hair dryer, and sink. In addition, all B&B HOTELS are pet-friendly. For an additional charge, pets are also welcome to stay.

In our B&B HOTEL Kiel-Wissenschaftspark you will also find the complete comfort of our hotel facilities. You are welcome to inquire about the availability of on-site parking spaces in advance if you are traveling to Kiel by car. You are only a few minutes drive from one of the largest ports in Germany and are therefore also close to the beautiful Baltic Sea. Visit the opera house in Kiel, which is one of the most beautiful in Europe and convince yourself of the diversity of the northern German city. All of our B&B HOTELS in Kiel are accessible thanks to the connection to public transport.

B&B breakfast in Kiel

Woken up? Then try our popular B&B breakfast buffet. For just €8.50 (per adult/night and €3 for children aged up to 12), the breakfast is excellent value. Snacks and drinks are available around the clock from the vending machines in the hotel lobby.

Parking at B&B Hotels Kiel

Park comfortably and free of charge in our private parking lot. Feel free to ask about availability at our reception.

Sights in Kiel