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  • Tarragona
  • 26 May 202427 May 2024
    26 May27 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Tarragona, city considered a World Heritage Site, 1 hotel

Tarragona is a city and municipality in Catalonia located on the Costa Dorada. Its location is ideal for enjoying the sun and relaxing on its kilometre-long fine sandy beaches. In addition, the city attracts many tourists thanks to its historical tradition, its nightlife and its popular festivals.

A city considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO 

The most impressive thing about this city is that you will find one of the most important architectural complexes in the world. Tarragona is known for its Roman monuments. Visiting the city, you can see buildings as well preserved as the Roman Circus of Tarraco, the Amphitheatre, the Theatre and above all the Roman Wall, a relic from the 3rd century. Our recommendation? To discover the "Balcony of the Mediterranean", emblematic place of the city with an incredible viewpoint to be able to contemplate the sea.  

The gastronomy, products and recipes are pure Mediterranean 

If you like gastronomic tourism, this city allows you to enjoy some spectacular wines, as well as an impressive fresh seafood. The specialty of the area are the Calçots with romesco sauce or fish. Accompany it with a good local wine such as Conca de Barberà or Terra Alta. You'll love it!

In addition, if your stay coincides with some of the local gastronomic festivals, you will be able to taste delicious recipes such as calçotada and xató.

A very dynamic city by day and by night 

A city close to the sea and with a warm climate is ideal for sports. If you are a sportsman, you will be able to enjoy unique facilities: heated and open-air swimming pools, athletics track, gymnasiums, rugby or football field. 

In addition, if you want to enjoy the nightlife you can have a drink or go out to party for its many clubs.  If you're attracted to this city, don't wait any longer and book now!