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  • Freiburg
  • 27 May 202428 May 2024
    27 May28 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Freiburg, 2 hotels

Welcome to the beautiful city of Freiburg!

Relax at our affordable B&B Hotel Freiburg. The city’s absolute highlight is its historic Old Town, with charming buildings such as the Münster cathedral, the historic Kaufhaus department store, the old and new Town Halls, the city gates, and the Bächle gutters. You can also get a taste of the numerous bars and restaurants in Freiburg. Europa Park - Germany’s biggest theme park - is just a short distance away. If you would like a break from the city and the excitement of Europa Park, the Black Forest offers many hiking opportunities. Book your cheap accommodation in Freiburg online and experience the city of Freiburg and its surroundings.

Freiburg in Breisgau: Classic, modern, and the center of the Black Forest

Just a few kilometers from France and the beautiful river Rhine, charming Freiburg is located in the heart of Breisgau. Due to its proximity to the Black Forest and its location in the Breisgau, Freiburg is enveloped in a sense of nature that earned the city the name "Green City" back in 2008.

It lives from its breathtaking flair, which cannot be overlooked when you come across the streets towards the city centre. The buildings and architecture immediately catch the eye of its guests and take many visitors back to another time. You won't find this classic pairing with modernity everywhere, especially not in the center of the city.

In Freiburg North there is a cheap place to stay for visitors to the center and the hiking trails around the Black Forest. If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Freiburg, you will find the possibility to reach both directly from our cheap B&B HOTEL Freiburg Nord. With very good connections to public transport routes and close proximity to a variety of natural recreation opportunities, our cheap Freiburg hotels offer first-class conditions for a successful visit to the center of the Breisgau. Thanks to the free parking spaces available, the B&B HOTEL Freiburg-Nord is a cheap and centrally located place to stay for those traveling by car.

B&B Hotels in Freiburg

Our city hotel in Freiburg has the following modern room categories: Rooms with double beds for 1 or 2 people, as well as twin, triple or family rooms. You can also enjoy free WiFi and free Sky TV programs in our B&B hotels in Freiburg. All rooms are equipped with soundproofed windows, a desk, wardrobe and flat-screen TV. All bathrooms include a shower, toilet, hairdryer and washbasin. In addition, all B&B hotels are pet-friendly.

Freiburg's attractions and destinations: Experience & enjoy nature

Freiburg is a city that begins to show its beauty at dawn. Shortly after the sun rises, people meet at the Münstermarkt Freiburg directly below and in front of the city's landmarks. The market is also open on weekdays and offers fresh goods. Anyone who visits Freiburg can try the cult sausage that was produced here, the "Lange Rote". Freiburg's bratwurst is known throughout Germany. Of course, you can also find gourmet delights and new, modern slow-cooked dishes here.

The whole experience is rounded off by the direct proximity to the sights of the old town and city center in Freiburg. All of them can be easily reached from our inexpensive B&B HOTEL Freiburg Süd, either with your own car or with the well-connected public transport (e.g. bus and train). If you are arriving by car, we will be happy to check the availability of one of our free parking spaces in front of our affordable B&B HOTEL in the south of Freiburg.

You will find an experience in every direction in Freiburg, between the nature of the Black Forest and many small hiking trails, up to the top sights of Freiburg, which are divided into the inner and old town.

B&B HOTEL Freiburg: Spend the night in the Black Forest metropolis

A surprising number and an interesting fact: With more than 1,759 hours of sunshine per year, Freiburg has the highest number of sunshine hours in Germany. This allows visitors to the city to explore the nature and beauty of the surrounding area on beautiful days with blue skies. Of course, the Europapark, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, is only 25 minutes by car from our affordable B&B HOTEL Freiburg Süd.

However, Freiburg's inexpensive leisure activities can also be found in the city's surroundings (of course, the historical sights can also be visited free of charge). Because the vineyard and the Black Forest are breathtaking excursion destinations that are freely available to guests for free. Visitors to Freiburg often start with a great day of hiking and visit the great old town in the afternoon, which invites you to linger and enjoy a varied culinary evening. Of course there is the possibility to rest in a cozy café or bistro directly in the small alleys and streets and to prepare for further experiences in Freiburg.

B&B breakfast

Try our popular B&B breakfast buffet. Snacks and drinks are available around the clock from the vending machines in the hotel lobby.

Parking at the B&B Hotels Freiburg

Park comfortably and free of charge in our private parking lot.

Sights in Freiburg