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  • Nyon
  • 21 Jun. 202422 Jun. 2024
    21 Jun.22 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Nyon, 1 hotel

Our hotel in Nyon

Thinking about heading to Switzerland? How about a getaway for two next to Lake Geneva? Our B&B HOTEL Nyon offers what you need. For example, there’s easy access by both air and train and a good range of amenities. You can find all you need to know about our much-loved B&B HOTEL Nyon below.

Nestled away on the banks of Lake Geneva, not too far away from the canton of Geneva, Nyon is located south-west of Lausanne in the canton of Vaud. The small yet idyllic towns of Prangins and Crans flank this pleasant city that is envied for its prime holiday-making location.

Book a room near the banks of Lake Geneva

A cosy 3-star hotel where you are always welcome

B&B HOTEL Nyon is located amid beautiful lakeside landscapes, making it a popular base from which to discover the Vaud region. And that’s the case whether you are eager to try the latest top restaurant, walk among pleasant countryside which tinkles to the sound of cow bells, or explore this region’s incredibly varied history and culture.

Our B&B HOTEL Nyon is a modern establishment with air-conditioned rooms that have been sound-proofed and designed to ensure your comfort and relaxation during your time in Nyon. When you stay with us, you receive a host of quality services for a fair – some would say surprisingly cheap – price:

  • Free, unlimited internet
  • Monitored private parking
  • An all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet with fresh local produce to satisfy the appetites of guests of all ages
  • A bar where you can also get a quick snack

As well as the option of private parking, B&B HOTEL Nyon has easy access to international roadways (the A1 motorway) and public transport to the rest of Switzerland. You can travel to Nyon by train directly from a number of transport hubs. Nyon railway station, served by the Lausanne-Geneva line, is less than 2 km from our door.

What’s more the door to reception is open round the clock. This is just one facility ensuring that whatever time you arrive into Nyon our hospitality team will be ready to welcome you to B&B HOTEL Nyon the way you deserve. That’s with a smile from a friendly face and a speedy check in, so you can start your vacation as quickly as possible. Our team is on hand to listen to your concerns and will give you great ideas for discovering Nyon and its surroundings!

We love animals and will gladly welcome your pet to our hotel. You can choose this option, for an extra charge, when you book online.

Discover Nyon: fresh air and nature all around

Did you know Nyon has near namesake in France? Its twin town, Nyons. The Swiss city and French townland have a couple of things in common. While its French counterpart boasts fields of lavender, Nyon and its surroundings present a green sloping landscape that frames the Jura mountains, along with vineyards and hillsides—the perfect scenery for your next holiday photos.

Nyon is best known for being on Lake Geneva but did you know you can cross the lake as they did in bygone days? You can find the charming Belle Epoque steamboats operating from the city’s jetty. You also have the option of tipping over to France and roaming around the border towns of Yvoire, Chens-sur-Léman and Nernier.

And of course, the city of Nyon has cultivated its own local culinary tradition. In fact, it has over 200 hectares devoted to winegrowing. The area holds an expertise in producing varieties of red and white grapes which will be shared with you when you sit down to dine at any one of the region’s many restaurants. The wine sector is in good hands with the Changins Engineering School, a member of the University of Applied Sciences and Art - Western Switzerland network, which trains a new generation of viticulture engineers.

B&B HOTEL Nyon: your room with a view!

When you book a double or triple room at our hotel located close to Nyon city centre, you’re choosing to spend a restful night in the heart of the Vaud canton with a magnificent vista onto the majestic Mont Blanc! We strongly recommend spending some time at Lake Geneva to contemplate its waters with the mountain as a backdrop. You’ll always find pleasant surprises in Nyon and its surroundings, in summer or winter. Close to home these include the likes of Nyon Castle, a magnificent chateau built in the twelfth century before being renovated in the 1500s to enhance its lake views. Take a stroll through Nyon. You will feel as if you are on the deck of a ship as you approach Lake Geneva from where you can marvel at the Alps. The towns of Morges, Montreux and Leysin, accessible by rail, are to the north. Céligny and Nyon beaches are to the south. Admit it, you wish you were there already. Of course, it's equally delightful to enjoy a drink together at the Hotel Nyon bar and simply enjoy the calming atmosphere of the town Book a room and make it real!

Did you know that the city welcomes bike tourists and works incessantly on the quality of its routes? With well-planned, accessible itineraries, Nyon train station is the starting point for the Jura Route, connecting Nyon to Basel and an integral part of the Cycling in Switzerland trails. Our 3-star hotel in Nyon offers a secure unit where guests can leave their bikes with peace of mind.

Hikers have not been forgotten and Nyon acts as the final leg of a long-distance trek called the Echappée Jurassienne. With a path stretching from Dole to Nyon, you will have more than 350 kilometres of trails with exceptional landscapes to enjoy.

For the football fan, we should mention UEFA has its base in Nyon. In fact, the European football body hosts the final phase of the UEFA Youth League at its Colovray Stadium. It also permits the perusal of archives which have been classed as cultural properties of the country and region.

The ski areas of the Swiss Alps (Villars, Les Diablerets, Bex) are excellent for enjoying what the mountains have to offer, not just skiing but also night walks, and summer tours of vineyards and villages.

Hikers, cyclists and sports fans, whoever you are, our B&B HOTEL Nyon is perfect for an overnight stop on your journey, with town, railway station and lake all within easy reach. But we have great hotels elsewhere in Switzerland too should you prefer an even more exclusive address for your stay in the country of yodelling, Roger Federer and sweet milk chocolate. Among several others, we will simply highlight those at St Gallen and Lully. Nor do we stop endeavouring to provide excellent accommodations in Switzerland alone. You can also look into spending a night at our B&B HOTELS in France. Here you can regain your strength as you continue on your odyssey, however long it may be. Many contain a pool, while others offer regular classes for guests keen to stay supple, active or learn a new skill!

“In the beginning, Nyon was...”

...A strategic site, on the shores of the lake and the foot of a now regional park, the Parc Naturel Régional Jura Vaudois.

The Romans settled Nyon early on – as can be seen from the remnants of the forum and amphitheatre. Nyon’s Roman Museum frequently unveils new discoveries from the digs carried out in the city. City centre building work is often stopped to give the archaeologists time to work. Since those times, Nyon has continued to grow to become the city we know today. From historical sites to preserved nature, the city is a perfect balance of old and new, natural and man-made for tourists in any season.

Culture plays a major role in the city. Museums and entertainment punctuate the lives of Nyon’s residents. There is the Museum of Lake Geneva, the open-door Journée des Arts (Art Day), theatres like the Usine à Gaz – an old gasworks factory – along with festivals dotted throughout the year. Among those festivals, we would be remiss not to mention the Paleo Festival, the International Festival of Archaeological Films, Visions du Réel (a documentary film festival), the Caribana Festival and the music festival Rive Jazzy.

Perched overlooking the lake and old quarter is the 13th-century Nyon Castle with its distinctive white turrets, which now houses the city’s porcelain museum. Finally, there are the unusual sites of Nyon and its surrounding lands:

  • The fishing dock with wooden cabins still inhabited by families of anglers
  • Les Fruitières de Nyon chalet
  • The Bois-Bougy estate
  • The Toblerone Path
  • The floral mosaic with a new theme every year
  • The guided city tour following the trail of the world-famous Tintin. The comic book hero arrives in Nyon in the Calculus Affair, and you can relive one of his most popular adventures as you cross the city. You have probably already heard that Hergé’s Professor Calculus was strongly inspired by Auguste Piccard, a physicist hailing from Basel.
  • The Morges region

When you next travel to the canton of Vaud in Switzerland with family or friends, be sure to enjoy the rich heritage of Nyon – just a 20-minute car trip from Geneva international airport or a 25-minute train ride from Geneva’s Cornavin railway station.

With a whole host of activities waiting for you, choose a room at our B&B HOTEL Nyon  and enjoy our excellent services at affordable prices. You can book directly on our website.