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  • Augsburg
  • 21 Jun. 202422 Jun. 2024
    21 Jun.22 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Augsburg, 3 hotels

From the Romans to the present day and the Augsburg toy box

Stay in our affordable B&B HOTEL Augsburg and take the opportunity to discover one of Germany’s most interesting and culturally-rich cities. Experience the world-famous Fuggerei town hall with its gilded hall, the Mariendom cathedral, the Mozart house, the Roman museum, the puppet theatre museum and much more in this former Roman city. You’ll be transfixed by the artistic backdrop of this enchanting city!

B&B HOTEL Augsburg: arrive – feel good

The city in south-west Bavaria has borne its name since 15 BC. Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany, and its historical history carries through the entire cityscape. After Munich and Nuremberg, it is one of the most populous cities in Bavaria.

The city is surrounded by forests and various rivers such as the Lech, Wertach and Singold. The Augsburg Nature Park covers an area of 122,000 hectares and is characterized by lovely creek valleys.

Whether you are a business traveler, vacationer, or lover of history, the city has its very own flair and many historical buildings that amaze our guests. City exhibitions, events and international lectures can always be found in the Augsburg Congress Center.

Our modern B&B HOTEL Augsburg-Süd is not far from the Augsburg city forest, and is in the immediate vicinity of downtown Augsburg. From here you have the opportunity to plan your trip or business stay in a quiet yet central location. Your room has air conditioning, free WiFi, and Sky TV included in the price. Look forward to soundproofed windows to enjoy your stay in a quiet atmosphere.

Stay the night in Augsburg and experience the romantic Gothic culture.

The architecture in the city center is of great importance for art and culture. There are over 1200 individual monuments and over 60 protected squares and streetscapes, which makes the city bursting with history. You can even find some special places that date back to the time of Roman settlement.

Over the course of history, various sacred buildings such as the Cathedral of the Visitation of Mary or the Basilica of St. Urlich and Afra were built here.

One of the main sites is the city's town hall, which was built in the mid-17th century in Renaissance style. With its golden hall, it is one of the most impressive buildings in Europe.

In addition, Augsburg is known for its Fuggerei, which is one of the oldest social settlements in the world. Here you can experience history up close, as the settlement was founded in 1521. The financier was none other than Mr. Jakob Fugger himself, who has shaped the town's history to this day. The Fugger family was one of the richest and most powerful families of the 16th century, which is why the city is also known under the name Fuggerstadt.

City trip Augsburg: Culinary specialties

Traditional German cuisine can be found spread throughout. With typical German cuisine and cozy restaurants - and a touch of Bavarian flair. Many quaint cafés and bistros are just waiting to be discovered. The summer invites its Augsburg guests to look around in the street shops. Young and old meet here to meet in the hustle and bustle of the city, in beer gardens and street cafes.

If you are really hungry, you can enjoy the renowned Augsburg cuisine: From spaetzle to dumplings and roast beef, every restaurant menu is sure to have some delicacies to offer.

This diversity can be explored from our accommodation in the north of Augsburg. Starting from the central B&B HOTEL Augsburg-Nord, you can walk alongside the river Lech or take the train to the city center, which is not far away. For business travelers or family trips, we have single beds, double beds, or family rooms for you to choose from in all our hotels in Augsburg. There is free WiFi access in the rooms, including Sky TV.

The Renaissance City - Augsburg's Imposing Heirs

Who doesn't know each other in Germany: The famous Augsburg doll box. This German story originated in 1948 and is based on the well-known fairy tale of the same name. In the magnificent Bavarian hospital building, which was built in 1623 and reflects the splendor of the city's history, acting and cabaret are still performed today.

Another attraction is the Schaelerpalais with a stunning ballroom that was inaugurated when Marie Antoinette was visiting - who later became Queen of France.

From your accommodation in the modern B&B HOTEL Augsburg-West, you have the most beautiful and interesting sights that Augsburg has to offer within a radius of 5 km and are not far from the city center. Regardless of whether you attend external customer appointments or take a city trip, our B&B HOTELS will impress you with their modern facilities and comfort. Enjoy our bookable breakfast and get free WiFi access including Sky TV.

Sights in Augsburg