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  • Liguria
  • 10 Apr. 202411 Apr. 2024
    10 Apr.11 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Liguria

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Welcome to our hotels in Liguria

With its small villages scattered along the hillsides and its picturesque seaside towns, Liguria offers breathtaking scenery wherever you turn. B&B Hotels will be the ideal starting point for you to explore the region and its stunning coastline, in search of villas, gardens and the historic workshops of local craftsmen, as well as beautiful Blue Flag beaches where you might even catch a glimpse of a passing whale out on the horizon.

What can you do in Liguria?

Liguria is the perfect holiday destination for the most adventurous visitors, foodies and nature lovers, because it offers a vast array of things to do whether you’re travelling alone or with the family. Between a piece of Genovese focaccia and a plate of trofie pasta with pesto, you could find yourself face to face with dolphins, rays and tropical fish swimming in the tanks at the Aquarium of Genoa, the second largest aquarium in Europe. In Savona, you can stroll around monuments and piazzas and sample local delicacies like “panissa, the city’s most famous street food. From there, set off on a shopping trip to buy some hand-painted ceramics at Albisola or spend your day whale watching. In the La Spezia area, you’ll find Cinque Terre, the jewel of the Liguria region, famous for its spectacular scenery and well-preserved historical villages.

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