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Breakfast at B&B HOTELS in Belgium

After a good night's sleep, you have to start the day well!

Sweet and Salty: there will be something for all tastes (even for the biggest appetites)!

Discover our balanced breakfast! Among all the products offered in your breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon for protein, and seasonal fruits for vitamins!
Tasty and quality products selected by us to bring you the greatest satisfaction!

Do you prefer the sweet side of things for breakfast?

The hungriest among you will enjoy fresh pastries and breads of the day, spread with delicious jams, Liège syrup, honey or Nutella.
This “hotel breakfast” formula also includes a bottle of water and a hot drink, such as coffee, latte or tea.

B&B HOTELS is committed 

Did you know...? By 2025, B&B HOTELS commits to offering at its breakfast tables scrambled eggs exclusively from free-range hens. This commitment also concerns egg products contained in other foods offered.