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  • Ischia
  • 20 Jun. 202421 Jun. 2024
    20 Jun.21 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Ischia, 1 hotel

Discover Ischia

Ischia is one of the most picturesque islands in the Gulf of Naples for its exotic nature, beaches, and natural springs. The island looks like a lush mountain that rises from the sea, which for decades has been among the most renowned destinations at the international level: full of shops, pleasant walks, and outdoor activities.  This tourist destination is easily accessible by ferry or hydrofoil from the port of Pozzuoli near Naples. And for your stop in the city of Naples, you can always stay in the B&B Hotel Napoli, located 200 meters from the historic center, close to the main attractions.

Where to stay in Ischia

Are you looking for an intimate hotel immersed like the island of Ischia?  B&B HOTEL Ischia San Nicola is a 3-star hotel surrounded by greenery, located on the south side of Ischia, easily reachable by car from the port and just 10 minutes by car from the beach of Citara, one of the most beautiful of the island. The hotel offers the necessary services to meet all needs during your relaxing holiday: free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, air conditioning, and a sweet, and savory buffet breakfast.

History and curiosity

Ischia is an island rich in ancient and fascinating history, steeped in culture first historical findings date back to 770 B.C. with the domination of the Greeks who called the island Pithecusae. The name that leaves room for more theories on its etymology: according to some it derives from the term monkey, which is due to the presence of this animal on the island, and according to others it comes from "vase", which would allude to the commercial soul of the island. The most important evidence of this period is a cup imported from Rhodes, found in a tomb of the necropolis, on which were engraved verses that allude to the famous cup of Nestor described in the Iliad. From the IV Century, A.C. the island of Ischia passed with Naples under the Roman dominion and also the Island of Ischia changed its name to Aenaria from the Latin word aenum, which means bronze, confirming the flourishing activity of metalworking. In this period there are many kinds of objects but some evidence of the houses of the period is due to the strong volcanic phenomena that occurred in that period in Ischia.

For your walks

Anyone who decides to visit Ischia should not only stop at the beaches and thermal waters but also explore the wild nature of the island, which houses an extensive network of trails perfect for those who want to go hiking for a few hours.
In particular, we recommend exploring the path that overlooks the viewpoint of Serrara to the village of Sant'Angelo. Not only for the views and views but also for the ancient Ischia rock architecture that you can meet along the way. Another of the most appreciated paths among these is the Path of the Water Stone. This route crosses woods and vineyards until you reach the top of Mount Epomeo, from which you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the island.

Monuments and places of interest

The absolute symbol of the island, which will give you a unique experience is the Aragonese Castle. The elements that make this destination unique are the romantic walk and the landscape of extraordinary beauty. Together with the Aragonese Castle, the church of the Soccorso is the other undisputed icon of the island of Ischia. It is a Mediterranean church, with simple and elegant architecture and the setting in which it is inserted is truly unique in the world. On a rainy day do not miss the opportunity to visit the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae, one of the most important ceramic museums in Campania. The most important find preserved within its walls is undoubtedly the Cup of Nestor, a small vase with a side engraving that represents one of the oldest evidence of Greek alphabetic writing, even contemporary to the Homeric texts. Among the many opportunities that the island offers a prominent place is the tour of the island by sea that stops at all the ports of the island.


The feast of Sant 'Anna is the most beautiful event and one that you must attend if you are in Ischia on July 26. Every year on this day, the evening takes place a party that stages a parade of boats competing with each other for the best decoration. For lovers of historical costumes, the perfect occasion is the feast of Sant'Alessandro is characterized especially by the parade in vintage clothes that every year, leaves towards sunset through the main streets of the town of Ischia. For film lovers an unmissable event is the international film festival that gives artistic recognition to films, short films, documentaries, and their directors, set designers, and cinematographers, which have enhanced Italian and international locations, emphasizing the landscapes and cultural identity.