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  • Trapani
  • 15 Jul. 202416 Jul. 2024
    15 Jul.16 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Trapani, 1 hotel

Discover Trapani

Trapani, also known as the city between two seas, is the pearl of the western side of Sicily, famous worldwide for its crystal clear sea. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island also for its charming old town, which represents the meeting of different cultures and styles combining an ancient part of Arab origin, with churches and palaces of neoclassical, Renaissance, and Baroque. From the port, where many local fishing boats still dock with an excellent fresh fish market, you can reach the magnificent archipelago of the Egadi islands in less than 1 hour.

Where to stay in Trapani

Are you looking for a hotel in the center of Trapani? The B&B HOTELS- Hotel Trapani Crystal is located near the Trapani Train Station, the beach, and the port. The hotel is easily reachable 25 minutes by car from Trapani-Birgi Vincenzo Florio Airport. The hotel offers the necessary services to meet all needs during your relaxing holiday: a restaurant with typical dishes and local products, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, air conditioning, and a richly sweet, and savory buffet breakfast.

History and curiosity

According to the myth, the birth of the city is due to a sickle falling from the hands of 
of Saturn, patron god of the city, which changed into a tongue of the earth and for this form was called precisely Drepanon, "sickle" in ancient Greek. The history of Trapani is marked by ups and downs, although it has always been growing, managing to exploit its territory in the best way to derive important benefits. The first inhabitants of the territory of Trapani were the Elimi, an Italic population that occupied western Sicily, identified among the first inhabitants of the island. The city was a great ally of Carthage, especially during the Punic Wars, given its geographical location. Trapani is reborn with the domination of the Arabs who deeply mark the city with their presence, in architecture, art, language, and culture. The Middle Ages for Trapani was a very important period, in which it was able to express all its potential to become the most important city of western Sicily.

For your walks

Trapani is the ideal destination for walking along the seafront, or directly on the beach, both close to the ancient city center. The most striking point of the city beaches is undoubtedly the cliff below the tower of Ligny, the extreme tip of the city pier that stretches into the sea. Walking through the historic heart of Trapani, however, are monuments not to be missed: the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Church of Purgatory, and Santa Maria dell'Itria. In any case, whatever itinerary you choose, it will be difficult to resist the attractive shop windows of pastry shops, ice cream shops, and street food. It would be unforgivable to be in Trapani and not taste the famous eggplant caponata, arancini or cannoli.

Monuments and places of interest

The historic center of Trapani is a real open-air museum: from Greek temples to the remains of Punic civilization, to palaces and churches, passing through breathtaking landscapes, where the sun, the green, and the sea reign supreme. Among the most visible buildings, is Palazzo Riccio di Morana, the residence of the Morana family in the sixteenth century. Of the original complex remains the entire northwest facade, which closes the walls of the tramontana.
Another characteristic place near Trapani is the Saline where the ancient practice of salt extraction is still carried out and represents a strong link between the past and the present of these lands.  In Selinunte, near Castelvetrano, you will find the largest archaeological park in Europe: Selinunte. Venturing inside you will find the epic remains of a Greek colony, the immense acropolis with its ancient walls, which will make you rediscover the mythological charm of an ancient civilization. Another trace of the presence of Greek civilization in the territory of Trapani: Segesta. The ancient city is located on Monte Barbaro, in the town of Calatafimi Segesta 25 minutes drive from Trapani. 


If you plan a holiday in Sicily at Easter, get ready to live strong emotions by participating in the historic Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani, among the longest in Italy. The procession of the Mysteries attracts thousands of faithful, devotees and tourists every year, staging for Good Friday, the passion and death of Christ in the streets of the center.