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  • Catania
  • 11 Apr. 202412 Apr. 2024
    11 Apr.12 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Catania, 1 hotel

Discover Catania

Catania, the pulsating heart of eastern Sicily, invites you to uncover its millennia-old history and immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere. In the lively city centre, the streets narrate ancient tales, while the diverse architecture creates a captivating backdrop. Catania's city center, blending past and present, is the perfect place to delve into culture, explore trendy boutiques, and savour authentic Sicilian delicacies.

Where to Book in Catania

For an unforgettable stay in the heart of Catania, the perfect choice for your stay is the B&B HOTEL Catania City Center is the ideal choice. Strategically located on Corso Sicilia, just minutes from the historic centre and major shopping streets, this hotel offers unbeatable value. A short distance from Fontanarossa Airport, the B&B HOTEL Catania City Center is convenient and welcoming, serving as the perfect base to explore the city's beauty.

Catania's Culture and Flavours

Catania is not just an open-air museum but also a crossroads of extraordinary culinary experiences. From local markets to traditional restaurants, the city delights visitors with dishes like pasta alla norma and the famous granita.

To fully grasp the beauty of Catania, a panoramic view from Mount Etna is a must. Mount Etna, one of the world's most fascinating natural wonders, not only dominates the landscape but, with its majesty and occasional eruptions, offers a unique spectacle. Its significance is such that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Exploring Mount Etna is an extraordinary adventure that catapults you into the majestic beauty of nature.

Strolls through History and Nature

Exploring Catania means wandering through picturesque streets, embracing the vibrant colours of markets, and admiring the baroque architecture. Beyond the beaches, the city offers alternative routes immersed in greenery, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Catania is not just about the sea but also about culture and nature in harmony.

Monuments and Points of Interest

Catania boasts a series of fascinating monuments, including the majestic Cathedral of Sant'Agata, the picturesque Monastery of Benedectines, and the ancient Roman Amphitheatre. The Ursino Castle, built in the 13th century, provides a panoramic view of the city, while Piazza del Duomo is the beating heart of Catania.

The Catania City Council, with its elegant municipal building, hosts historically significant structures. Read the history within the walls of the Bellini Theatre and discover cultural activities in the city's public theatre. The Catania region is enriched by the presence of the University of Catania, a centre of excellence contributing to the city's intellectual vibrancy.


Catania is a lively city year-round, with events celebrating its unique culture and tradition. The Feast of Sant'Agata, with its evocative procession, is one of the most anticipated events. The Pescheria Market, with its authentic flavours, and the Festival of Sicily are just a few of the experiences Catania offers its visitors.

Experience the essence of Catania – book your stay at the B&B Hotel Catania City Center and let yourself be transported by the magic of this captivating Sicilian city.