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Travel to Zurich

Are you planning a trip to Switzerland and need some advice for your trip to Zurich? Then you've come to the right place. We'll show you the best places in the city, as well as restaurants worth testing in Zurich and excursions in the surrounding area. All this while staying in one of our B&B HOTELS in Zurich. And off you go!

Living Zurich all year round


Whether on holiday, a business trip or a spontaneous city trip, the charming city on the River Limmat enthuses its many visitors as a year-round destination. Indeed, while Zurich presents itself as a lively, modern city in summer, there is also plenty to discover in the colder months.

Visit the enchanting Christmas markets, for example. Take advantage of your stay to visit the Kunsthaus Zürich or other museums such as the Landesmuseum not far from the station, the Rietberg Museum, the FIFA World Football Museum or the Haus Konstruktiv Museum. Spend an unforgettable evening at the Zurich Opera House. Enjoy the vibrant history and attractive architecture of the city centre on an exciting guided tour of the Old Town. Sample some of the region's fantastic dishes in the Hirschberg restaurant or the Neumärt café. Pamper yourself in style at one of the city's spas. Or savour typical delicacies such as fondue and hot chocolate on your winter trip. Of course, a visit to the impressive Swiss mountains is also a must. After all, you can not only go hiking, but also sledging and skiing!

A visit to Zurich during the summer months is also ideal for enjoying the magnificent Lake Zurich, the beautiful Swiss countryside or the many open-air events in the city centre. Don't miss the unique Züri Fäscht, Switzerland's biggest folk festival, which delights local and international visitors every year. Discover Zurich's historic district on foot, in complete tranquillity. Discover the magnificent Fraumünster, the Grossmünster, the lively Bahnhofstrasse shopping street, the lake or the fantastic gardens of Zurich Zoo. Here you can marvel at around 350 different animal species, which can be observed in specially reproduced habitats such as the Himalayas, the rainforest or meadows, in the most natural environment possible. Visit the fantastic animal park with your children. Or experience Zurich at its most modern in the western part of the city. For it is here, amidst old industrial buildings, that some of the city's trendiest establishments await you.


Exploring Zurich's surroundings

If you've explored the city centre in detail and are keen to find out more, don't miss out on the Swiss metropolis' dreamy surroundings. Visit the city's iconic mountain, the Uetliberg, for example, and enjoy uninterrupted views of Lake Zurich, the Glarus Alps and spectacular scenery at special rates.

Soak up the sun as you stroll along the shores of Lake Zurich. Explore the magnificent countryside and one or other of the parks on long walks. Or relax in one of the more than 40 badis (local bathing establishments and lake baths) in the city. Enjoy the magnificent setting and unique views of the famous Côte d'Or on a classic cruise on one of the two historic paddle steamers. Visit Rapperswil's medieval castle and picturesque old town. Follow the wooden footpath from Rapperswil to Hurden. Visit the sunny island of Ufenau. Learn more about this traditional Swiss delicacy at the fabulous Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory in Kilchberg. Or let yourself be carried away by the gastronomy at sunset in one of the first-class restaurants around the lake.

The B&B HOTELS hotels in Zurich welcome you!



However you wish to spend your stay in Switzerland, it is worth booking a suitable hotel in Zurich before you arrive. If you are looking for a comfortable hotel at a low price, you should choose one of the B&B HOTELS in the centre of Zurich. In fact, this is the ideal place if you want to spend the night at a low price without giving up the necessary comforts and one or two extras.

Choose your room at the B&B HOTEL Zurich Airport Rumlang and take advantage of the fabulous connections to Zurich Airport, the train station and the city centre during your travels.Relax at the B&B HOTEL Zurich East Wallisellen or choose one of the other B&B HOTELS for an unforgettable holiday in Switzerland.

From the very first glance, our hotels impress with their spacious rooms, including their own fully equipped bathroom, worthwhile details such as free WLAN & TV, as well as a comprehensive breakfast buffet for young and old. What's more, we offer our guests easy 24-hour check-in at our accommodation. Finally, we are happy to welcome you and your pet to our hotels. So if you want to discover Zurich and Switzerland with your pet, you can relax with us.