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Zurich Train Station

Discover Zurich railway station

Zurich railway station (Zurich HB) is the largest railway station in Switzerland and also the most important hub of Swiss rail transport. Almost 400,000 passengers pass through this station every day, using one of the up to 3,000 trains that stop at Zurich station from Switzerland and abroad. This leaves no doubt that Zurich Central Station is one of the busiest railway stations in the whole of Europe. So if you are planning a stay in Switzerland and would like to visit the city of Zurich by train, you will hardly be able to avoid this colossus. To help you find your way around on your travels, we present Zurich's major railway station in detail.


Zurich railway station at a glance

Zurich's main railway station is located north of the old town on a picturesque headland between the two urban rivers, the Sihl and the Limmat. While the Sihl flows directly between the underground tracks through various tunnels, the station is bordered to the east by the Limmat and the beautiful Bahnhofquai/HB. The north and south sides of the huge station are also home to the National Museum of the City of Zurich, the Bahnhofplatz with Alfred Escher's memorial, as well as the historic Zollbrücke, Europaplatz and the avenue of the same name. Finally, Altstetten station, Affoltern station and Stadelhofen station are also close to the station.

In total, Zurich main station is divided into four sub-stations, which offer sufficient space for the 26 tracks. However, if you stop off in Zurich on your travels, want to enjoy a bite to eat or do some shopping not far from the station, you will find an extensive, modern shopping arcade directly under the different parts of the station. The impressive Shopville shopping centre offers travellers a colourful range of restaurants, convenience shops, over 180 shops and numerous service outlets almost around the clock, all year round.


Brief history of the main railway station


As early as May 1836, there was a call for a suitable railway line between Basel and Zurich. As a result, the Basel-Zurich Railway Company was founded the following year, which set itself the task of analysing possible links to existing lines and planning the necessary main station in Zurich.Due to political unrest, however, the planning initially failed and the young railway company disbanded again at the end of 1841.It was not until 1845 that the project was taken up again by the silk manufacturer Martin Escher and the Swiss Northern Railway was founded.By the middle of 1847, this committee had succeeded in building the section of line between Zurich and Baden, which was just 23 kilometres long.Today's Zurich main station thus became the terminus of the first Swiss railway line (Spanish-Brötli Railway), making it one of the oldest railway stations in Switzerland today.

It was not until 1845 that the project was taken up again by silk manufacturer Martin Escher and the Swiss Northern Railway was founded. By the middle of 1847, this committee succeeded in building the just 23-kilometre section of the line between Zurich and Baden. Today's Zurich main station thus became the terminus of the first Swiss railway line (Spanish-Brötli Railway), making it one of the oldest railway stations in Switzerland today.

Meanwhile, Gustav Albert Wegmann was commissioned with the construction of the station building and the station halls, and initially a plain station in the late classicist style was built. But as early as 1854, following the founding of the Swiss North-East Railway pushed by Alfred Escher, a new building was up for discussion.For this purpose, the original building was replaced by a spacious station hall designed in neo-Renaissance style.Today, the first station buildings that are still standing are listed, but are no longer used for train services.

Then, as early as 1890, both the SZU station (Sihltal Zürich Üetliberg Bahn) and the S-Bahn (suburban railway) service were put into operation. Before the above-ground facility was also expanded in 2014 to include a comprehensive underground station. Today, the main station is not only one of the most important hubs of the city's tram network, but also of national and international rail traffic.



On your journey through Zurich, you are sure to pass the Zurich train station. Numerous lines of the city trams as well as lines 31 and 46 of the local trolley bus network and the Zurich night buses stop around the station. Furthermore, the Landesmuseum landing stage of the Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Zürichsee is located in the immediate vicinity of the station. Finally, travellers will also find the Zurich bus station and various taxi ranks not far from the main station.

Meanwhile, those who want to travel comfortably to Zurich Airport can use the public SBB airport line from the main station. The journey takes just 13 minutes. Or you can use the almost 1,600 monitored bicycle parking spaces at the Velostation Zürich to safely park your bike after an exciting visit to the city, including the Kunsthaus and Opera House.


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