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Zurich Lake

Zurich Lake


What would Zurich be without picturesque Lake Zurich? Although the city of many facets awaits its many visitors with a wealth of culture, museums and restaurants, the magnificent, expansive lake is one of Zurich's must-sees. That's why Zurichers and visitors to the city (Zh) alike flock to its shores to soak up the sun, enjoy the magnificent natural surroundings or take a dip in its clear waters. Would you also like to discover Lake Zurich on a trip to Zurich? Find out everything you need to know about the city and the lake here.


Discover Lake Zurich


Zurich lies at the western end of the lake, offering travellers not only a magnificent gateway to the canton of the same name, St. Gallen or the canton of Schwyz, but also a breathtaking panorama of the imposing Alps, the Zimmerberg and the hills of the Albis range. If you'd like to combine an exciting city trip in Switzerland and a discovery of Zurich's historic quarter with an excursion to a green lung combining nature and culture, you've come to the right place.

Once used as a communications and transport route, the lake and its surroundings are now one of the region's main attractions, offering a wide range of activities for locals and visitors alike. Enjoying the shallow waters by boat and admiring the dreamy views of the Swiss mountain landscape from one of the two historic paddle steamers is not the only charming attraction waiting for you - quite the contrary!

All around Lake Zurich, various open-air pools and restaurants invite you to relax and enjoy life. What's more, thanks to the many cycle paths and hiking trails, you're perfectly placed to explore Switzerland's natural beauty on your own, weather permitting. You can also visit the charming island of Ufenau and the neighbouring island of Lützelau.

It's also worth noting that Lake Zurich is a renowned wine-growing region, making the visit particularly interesting for wine lovers and gourmets. Take a relaxed stroll around one of the various wineries around the lake. Explore the spectacular vineyards and round off the day with a tasting of the region's typical grape variety: Räuschling.


Lake Zurich at a glance

Whether you're looking for an open-air picnic, an unforgettable bike ride, a hike, a swim and a moment to relax on your towel, or simply a picturesque cruise, Lake Zurich is a delight for young and old alike.

Just four kilometres wide, Lake Zurich is 42 kilometres long and up to 136 metres deep. Lake Zurich's main tributary is the Linth, which rises in the Glarus Alps and flows through the Walensee. From here, it crosses the Limmat and the historic Schanzengraben to the heart of the city of Zurich.

So there's plenty to discover around the lake, whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a hiker, a sportsman or a holidaymaker looking to relax.

Explore the magnificent north shore, for example, also known as the Goldküste (Gold Coast) because of its many mansions and villas. Discover the rose town of Rapperswil on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich and stroll through the picturesque old town. Visit Rapperswil's historic castle, the Mediterranean lakeside promenade or the magnificent petting zoo and marvel at the town's 15,000 rose bushes.

Take a trip to the neighbouring villages of Feldbach, Horgen, Herrliberg and Oberrieden.In Küsnacht, learn more about the historical importance of the region. Hike from Stäfa to Tuggen on Lake Tuggen, via Thalwil and Wädenswil, for a complete tour of Lake Zurich. Stop off in Pfäffikon and relax in one of Europe's largest water parks, the Alpamare in Pfäffikon. Visit the baroque church near Lachen and the Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory in Kilchberg. Or follow the unique wooden hiking trail between Hurden and Rapperswil, directly above the lake. Near Richterswil, visit the lake's third-largest island, Schönenwerd. And then enjoy Richterswil.

Travellers to the region in November, when winter is already setting in, can enjoy the traditional Räbechilbi festival of lights.
To mark the occasion, around 30 tonnes of twigs are carved and illuminated each year by the school, local associations and local residents...

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