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Kunsthaus Zurich museum

Zurich is a crossroads of history, art and culture. Those who would like to experience this colourful mix in person on a trip to Zurich will find a fantastic range of first-class museums, historic buildings such as the Zurich Opera House and modern galleries in the multifaceted metropolis on Lake Zurich. The Kunsthaus Zürich, not far from Zurich's historic quarter, is a major highlight for the city. Here, we show you exactly what the huge building has to offer and what awaits the numerous visitors at Heimplatz in Zurich.


A glimpse behind the scenes


Zurich museum - The Kunsthaus

With almost 11,500 square metres of exhibition space, the Kunstmuseum is not only one of the most important, but also the largest museum of art in Switzerland. The four-part building complex today comprises the historic Moser and Müller buildings as well as the Bührle Hall and the extension, which only opened in 2021. So there's plenty of space to explore in your own way unique works by national and international artists such as Monet, Munch, Füssli, Niki de Saint Phalle and Segantini.

Discover more than 4,000 paintings and sculptures, as well as over 95,000 graphic works at the Kunsthaus Zürich, which bring works of classical old masters to contemporary art alive. Be amazed, for instance, by famous works such as the Gotthard Post by Rudolf Koller, the colourful Cabanes blanches aux Saintes-Marles by Vincent van Gogh, Les lumières du mariage by Marc Chagall, the world-famous Big Torn Campbell's Soup Can by Andy Warhol or the impressive masterpieces by Anna Boghiguian.

Enjoy the historical exhibition with pieces from Victor Schulte, Josef Hoffmann, Gustav Klimt and Ferdinand Hodler. Or let yourself be enchanted by the rich collection of works by the Swiss painter, sculptor and graphic artist Giacometti.



History of the Kunsthaus in Zurich


The Zürcher Künstlergesellschaft was founded as early as 1787 by creative artists and art lovers. Initially, a residential building in today's Künstergasse was used exclusively for changing exhibitions. After a short time, spatial difficulties led to the decision to build a new building in the middle of the 19th century. The new building, designed by the architect Gustav Albert Wegmann, was constructed in 1847 and inaugurated as the first Kunsthaus.

It quickly became apparent, however, that the Künstlergütli could not meet the growing demands for space and room. So the Künstlerhaus Association for Fine Arts, which was only founded in 1895, decided to build a new building, which was then used primarily for temporary exhibitions. As interest in art continued to grow, the original Künstlergesellschaft and the Verein Künstlerhaus finally merged at the end of 1896 to form the new Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft.

While the Künstlerhaus continued to be used for temporary art exhibitions and the historic Künstlergütli housed collections as well as an extensive library, a spacious Kunsthaus was to be built on Heimplatz. Karl Moser was then commissioned to build the new Kunsthaus, which could not be opened until early 1910.

In 2021, it was the Berlin-based David Chipperfield Architects who were responsible for the extension of the well-known building. In the process, the floor space of the Kunsthaus was expanded by more than 80 per cent, allowing the collections of Werner and Gabriele Merzbacher as well as Hubert Looser or Emil Georg Bühle to be displayed today.


Opening hours & prices


The Kunsthaus Zürich is centrally located in Zurich's city centre and can easily be reached on foot. Why not combine your visit with an exciting city walk, for example? Explore the Grossmünster - one of the city's most important landmarks - and then stroll along the riverside promenade towards the Kunsthaus. On your way, try one of the city's fantastic treats or simply enjoy the wonderful flair of Zurich.

Zurich museum exposition - The Kunsthaus

After your visit to the Kunsthaus, you can reflect on the many new impressions you have gained in the spectacular China Garden.

Those wishing to experience the fascinating Kunsthaus in person in Zurich's city centre, not far from our hotels in the centre of Zurich, can stroll through the spectacular premises on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, interested visitors will find up-to-date information on the official website of the Kunsthaus about the special opening hours that apply.

Zürich Card holders also enjoy discounted admission to the Kunsthaus and numerous other museums in the city for 24 or 72 hours. In addition, you can use public transport such as trams, buses, trains, boats or cable cars in Zurich and the surrounding area for free second-class travel. This also applies to a journey from Zurich airport or Zurich railway station to the city centre. Last but not least, with the practical visitor card you benefit from worthwhile offers in various restaurants, as well as up to 50 percent discount on public city tours in German or English in Zurich...

Time to book your room in Zurich


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