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Airport Zurich


Zurich Airport

It is not unusual for a trip to Zurich to begin at Zurich Airport. No wonder, since the former Kloten Airport (ZRH, LSZH) is Switzerland's largest airport, ahead of Geneva and Basel. Not only Swiss Airlines planes take off and land here, but also numerous other airlines such as SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), El Al, Edelweiss Air and Helvetic Airways. Over 31 million passengers are handled here. If you too are starting your stay in Switzerland at Zurich Airport, you will find all the important information on its history, infrastructure and transport connections below.

History & development of the airport

Zurich Airport extends over the municipalities of Rümlang, Opfikon, Oberglatt and Winkel and is located just 13 kilometres north of the historic district of Zurich. This means travellers can arrive comfortably via Zurich main station (HB) or visit the multifaceted old town during a stopover. Although the international airport is currently one of the leading airports in Europe, it was only built after the Second World War on the moorland of the former Kloten-Bülach military airfield.

After several revisions, the government council approved a project by Locher & Cie for the construction of the airport in 1944. For just under CHF 55 million, the new intercontinental airport was to be built on a whole 215 hectares of land in accordance with the new ICAO standards. Shortly after construction began, however, it became clear that the construction costs would be significantly exceeded. After all, not only did numerous metres of high moorland have to be removed, but the former weapons site was also searched for unexploded ordnance. And so the initially estimated costs almost doubled by the end of 1949. Only a supplementary loan and extensive financial support from the federal government made continued construction possible.

However, the rapid growth in air traffic and the increasing number of passengers necessitated repeated extensions in the years that followed. Furthermore, the Schengen Agreement was implemented with the Zurich 2010 project and security checks were centralised in the new security control building (SCB). Almost at the same time, the network of airlines flying directly to Zurich Airport was expanded to include more airlines, making Zurich the third largest airport in Europe after London-Heathrow and Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle. At the same time, the airport was awarded the World Travel Award as one of Europe's leading airports for the 19th time in a row as recently as 2021.


Location and accessibility of the airport

Zurich Airport is located not far from the city centre and is easily accessible by various means of transport. So whether you are staying in a hotel at Zurich Airport, shopping on Bahnhofstrasse during a stopover, visiting the fantastic Kunsthaus Zurich and the historic Zurich Opera House, or have reserved a room in one of the hotels in Zurich city centre, the airport has fantastic connections to the public transport network. This means that you can easily get to the city by bus, train or tram, with a journey time of just 10 to 12 minutes. At the same time, you can easily travel on to Geneva, Bern or St. Gallen with the help of the long-distance trains and Interregio.


Alternatively, you can also reach Zurich Airport easily via the junction of the A51 motorway or the various airport tangents. You can then easily park your car on site in one of the five multi-storey car parks. The latest news on the available parking spaces and an interactive airport map for better orientation can be found on the airport's official website.



The Circle - Shopping, feasting and relaxing

The airport, which is operated by the listed company Flughafen Zürich AG, naturally also offers a colourful range of shops and restaurants to ensure that travellers do not have to wait long. So don't miss out on exploring the trendy Circle with its countless shops and comprehensive range of restaurants. Don't just shop here for fashion, watches and jewellery or duty-free products, but also indulge yourself gastronomically in one of the first-class bars, one of the cafés or in the excellent restaurants such as the Chalet Suisse, the Caviar House Seafood Bar or Babel. Or take advantage of the convenient fast food options if you do need to get there quicker.

Relax in one of the lounges after your check-in. Take advantage of the modern coworking spaces, the fitness centre or the daycare until your journey continues. Or join up to 2,500 guests at the Convention Centre for one of the regular conventions.

Book your B&B HOTELS in Zurich

If your route also takes you via Zurich Airport and you would like to stay longer in the city, you should book a hotel in Zurich in good time. For maximum relaxation and comfort, a room at the Hotel B&B HOTEL Zurich East Wallisellen, for example, is a good choice.

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