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Hotels in Zurich City Center

Whether you are visiting Zurich for a romantic getaway, a city break or a business trip, the choice of a fitting hotel in Zurich will fundamentally determine how you spend your time in this multifaceted metropolis. For this reason, it is worth considering what you would like to do during your stay in Switzerland before you arrive. 

If you want to explore the numerous attractions of the historic old town or discover the various sights on foot, you should look for hotels in Zurich city centre. You can find out which accommodations are particularly suited to this purpose - and why - here.


Discover the highlights of the city


A trip to Zurich is worthwhile all year round. Whatever the weather or temperature, the city on the Limmat offers museums, galleries and international events as well as a fabulous gastronomic scene full of rewarding restaurants and picturesque surroundings. For example, visit the beautiful Uetliberg and enjoy the magnificent view over the popular city. Take advantage of the proximity to the uniquely beautiful Lake Zurich to take a walk and relax on the shores of the lake, far away from the hustle and bustle. Discover the lake from the water during a relaxing boat trip. And afterwards, back in the heart of the city, explore the historic district of Zurich. Here, in addition to the Kunsthaus Zürich and the Zurich Opera House, numerous other attractions await you that you should definitely not miss.


History, nature and culture

Meanwhile, those who choose one of the hotels in Zurich city centre benefit from excellent tram, bus and train connections to explore the diverse city in detail. In addition, many city attractions such as the impressive Grossmünster or Fraumünster Church are just a few minutes' walk from the hotel. As an alternative, you can also reach most of Zurich's highlights such as the Zoological Garden, the National Museum not far from Zurich train station, the trade fair or the fantastic Swiss mountains after a short ride by public transport.

The Zurich Card, meanwhile, is a great way to explore the city at a reasonable price and offers visitors a wide range of discounts and benefits. Choose between a visitor card valid for 24 or 72 hours and explore the fascinating city on your own. Whether you travel by tram, bus, train, boat or cable car - if you travel in 2nd class, you can experience Zurich and the surrounding area free of charge.

You can also enjoy what many local museums and galleries have to offer for free or benefit from juicy discounts. So don't miss out on experiencing the Landesmuseum, Museum Rietberg, Kunsthaus or Museum Haus Konstruktiv in person. Join a guided walking tour through the old town and save up to 50 per cent here too. Discover various Zurich restaurants and shops with the help of worthwhile offers. And look forward to an unforgettable time in Switzerland.

Your hotel in Zurich


Friendly, charming and modern - Zurich delights with a combination of nature, culture and history that can hardly be topped. While the city is only a stone's throw away from the Swiss Alps, Lake Zurich and countless hiking routes, the old town beckons with a multitude of historic buildings, winding alleys and impressive landmarks. It is therefore worth booking a hotel in Zurich in good time to benefit from what the city has to offer.

Are you just planning a short business trip or a short stopover in Zurich? Then the B&B HOTEL Zurich Airport Rumlang is certainly the best choice. Because from Zurich Airport you can not only easily get directly to the city centre, but nothing stands in the way of your onward journey. Another option is a stay at the Hotel B&B HOTEL Zurich East Wallisellen, where you can relax in elegant surroundings and explore Zurich on an unforgettable city break. Moreover, it is not far from here to Zurich West, where numerous trendy bars and locations lure you today in the former industrial quarters.

Stroll along the unique Bahnhofsstrasse and marvel at the many luxury labels and up-and-coming brands. Spend a leisurely afternoon at the enchanting Confiseri Sprüngli. Discover the now signature pop-up bars and countless markets offering modern design as well as Swiss craftsmanship. Or simply end your day in a bar or restaurant in the city. Whatever you decide, you certainly won't get bored in Zurich.

We welcome you to Zurich


If you are planning a relaxing holiday, an exciting city break or a business trip to Zurich and are looking for a suitable local hotel, you should definitely visit the B&B HOTELS website. Here you will find the best hotels in Zurich, numerous worthwhile offers for every taste, as well as unbeatable value for money. 

Filter the offer individually and discover your dream hotel today. Book one of the spacious rooms with TV, private bathroom, including shower, towels, hairdryer and high-quality toiletries. During your stay, use the free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel area. Relax in our lounge. Or enjoy the extensive breakfast buffet with sweet and savoury treats to start the day successfully.

To make your arrival and stay as pleasant as possible, check-in is possible around the clock in our hotels. In addition, our competent hotel staff will be happy to assist you in word and deed. So do you have any questions about activities and tours in Zurich? Do you need help with a reservation? Or would you perhaps even like to travel with your pet? Then don't hesitate and contact us directly! We will be happy to help you!