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What to do in Zurich: highlights & attractions to visit

What makes Zurich such a great destination is the variety of sights and attractions.


On the one hand, this is due to the city's beautiful location overlooking the mountains on Lake Zurich, which is one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world. On the other hand, it is thanks to the mix of classical and contemporary culture. You will find breathtaking natural scenery, with Lake Zurich and the famous Uetilberg, a mountain that can be climbed by visitors (in summer and winter) and offers a panoramic view of the city of Zurich. One of the main attractions is the Grossmünster and the Fraumünster Zurich (historic churches with rare stained glass windows), which represent the city's long history.

The city offers a wide range of activities both during the week and at weekends, all within close walking and cycling distance of our affordable B&B HOTELS in Zurich.


Visit the Thermal Bath & Spa Zurich

Wellness, disconnecting, enjoying and relaxing to the fullest - that's a perfect description of a stay in Zurich. However, it is also a space of nature and a world metropolis, not many cities can combine this kind of charm.

The Zurich Thermal Bath & Spa is not only a perfect place to relax, but also a great way to enjoy yourself in Zurich when the weather turns rainy. With a cool indoor area and a hundred-year-old barrel vault, you can spend your Zurich trip in the popular spot for thermal waters. Between whirlpools, massages and bubble loungers, this is a top attraction for wellness seekers.

If you are travelling to Zurich by plane, we recommend the nearby B&B HOTEL Zurich Airport Rumlang.


Tourism in Zurich: Culture, Antiquity and Museums


There is a whole range of artworks, sculptures and historical places to be found in the city centre and side streets. Having thousands of works that characterise the cityscape, the city of Zurich is a beloved and perfect place for art lovers to explore. This is because little reminders of times gone by can be found all over the city.

Be sure to visit one of the famous museums such as the Kunstmuseum, Zurich Opera-House, National Museum or the Naturhistorisches Museum, which are some of the most eccentric museums in the city, and enjoy the cultural diversity of your Swiss trip. Starting from the museums, there are many things to do. Ahead of you lies the "old town" with its lovely "Lindenhof", where you can wander from the Roman fort to one of the city's most beautiful green areas.

The perfect location for your trip to Zurich is our popular B&B HOTEL Zurich East Wallisellen. In just 10-15 minutes you are right in the centre of Zurich. Needless to say, you will also find public transportation close to our hotels.

For a wonderful view, it is also worth taking a look from the Adliswil - Felsenegg cable car. Riding up here, you have a beautiful view of one of Switzerland's largest cities and a magnificent view over Zurich.


Experiencing Swiss Nature: Lake Zurich & walking along the Limmat River

One of the must-see destinations in Zurich is of course Lake Zurich with its incomparable panorama (you can take a train to Zurich West to get to the lake). Join one of the popular boat tours or simply rent your own boat. The lake is one of the most breathtaking in Europe and can be wonderfully combined with the various local landmarks. As Lake Zurich is located directly in the city centre, you will also find a variety of shopping opportunities in the near area. The city's shopping streets offer style, modernity, youth and flair, and the cafés, bars and restaurants nearby complete any day in the city.

Lake Zurich

You can discover Zurich along the tram lines (e.g. with the See Tram), visit the city's large gardens and parks and take a relaxing walk along the Limmat. In Zurich you will find great walks, easy and somewhat more challenging hiking trails. If you have some time to spare, you will certainly enjoy taking a closer look at the diverse nature and interesting location of the world metropolis - there are not many cities in the world with such breathtaking surroundings.

A tip for winter tourists at Christmas time: Be sure to visit one of the city's Christmas markets and explore the city at sunset. There are very few things that have such a romantic flair.