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Zoo Zurich

The Zurich Zoological Garden is home to over 350 different animal species from all over the world. It provides a home for endangered creatures and houses several thousand different animals on over 25 hectares of zoo land. What makes the Zurich Zoo so special is its construction, design and architecture, which are modelled on the animals' natural habitat. Not only does this protect biodiversity, it also offers the animals a home. The Zoo Zurich project will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary and is directly located on the Zürichberg in Fluntern.


The cultural programme offered here, the experience of nature with its natural conservation creates a special connection between humans and animals. You can experience the landscaped gardens at the zoo and gain numerous insights into the wildlife habitats.

For a stay in Zurich, our centrally located B&B HOTELS in Zurich are the perfect accommodations for your unique visit to the city.


Experience wildlife diversity in a uniquely designed natural environment

From biodiversity to the beautiful and popular rainforest hall, the keepers offer guests all kinds of attractions throughout the day. Animals such as lions, monkeys and elephants can be found in habitats that mimic their natural habitat. Zoo visitors can even see the endangered snow leopard, which is rarely seen in the wild. Guided (zoo-keeper) tours are available (a school service and children's programme are also offered at the zoo), where an experienced guide will take you through the different areas. This way you can not only admire the animals, but also learn about the challenges of species conservation and the special features of their habitats.

Just a few minutes from Zurich's popular zoo and the city centre, you will find our affordable B&B HOTEL Zürich East Wallisellen It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to reach the “old town”, the zoo and Lake Zurich. The popular Kunsthaus Zürich is also close to our B&B HOTEL (tickets are available directly at the museum). Of course, a visit to the zoo and museums in Zurich can also be wonderfully planned in winter, when the city is covered in snow.



Explore spectacular landscapes: Savannah, Tropics & Mountain Scenery

Experience a unique tiger zoo and a breathtaking elephant park, explore wetlands and seascapes, travel to tropical rainforests and discover deserts.

The variety of different habitats you can visit here is unparalleled. The breathtaking Masoala rainforest is also one of the highlights at Zurich Zoo. In addition, visitors can expect an extraordinary aquarium area, a landscape inspired by Australia and a fascinating elephant park called Kaeng Krachan (area: 11,000 m²).

The Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park, located next to the Masoala Rainforest, is home to Asian elephants and several other amazing species. You may even see the so-called "elephant swim" on certain days, where elephants joyfully jump and play with each other in the water.


Zurich Zoological Garden: Destination for all animal and nature lovers


In the Zoo in Zurich you will find a Himalayan area. It is home to Siberian tigers and little pandas.

Another landscape reproducing the South American wetlands was built a few years ago and shows its visitors rare animals such as centuries-old turtles. Here, the Brazilian Pantanal served as a model to recreate the natural habitat.

If you are traveling to Zurich by plane, we recommend our affordable B&B HOTEL Zurich Airport Rumlang, which is located near Zurich Airport. Enjoy the great location and discover the sights of the Swiss metropolis while staying with us.

Travel Tips: During your day at the zoo, you can eat at the restaurant Altes klosterli which provides swiss specialties.
If you enjoy nature and tranquility, visit the Lindenhof, which offer a panoramic view over the city and don't forget to take a walk around Lake Zurich, appreciated by the locals.
You'll also find numerous restaurants (e.g. the restaurant: Singapore) and typical Swiss cafés, bars and all kinds of delicacies along the way.