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  • Vitoria
  • 19 Jun. 202420 Jun. 2024
    19 Jun.20 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Vitoria | B&B HOTELS, 1 hotel

Discover Vitoria, a green city with lots of charm

Vitoria Gasteiz, capital of the Community of the Basque Country, is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Spain. Known for its medieval past and for being one of the cleanest cities in the country, it is worth a getaway at any time of the year.

Why visit Vitoria Gasteiz?

The city was founded in 1181 by Sancho VI of Navarra with the name Gasteiz, which comes from the Basque word "gazte" and means "small grassy field".

Vitoria is the official seat of the Basque Parliament and Government. It is a city with a very interesting historical past and very pleasant, both to live in and to visit, as everything is very close by. In addition, its beautiful historic center, parks, cultural activities and good atmosphere, make Vitoria Gasteiz a must on your next trip.

Vitoria is an hour's drive from Bilbao and an hour and a quarter from San Sebastian. And if you like wine, don't hesitate to visit La Rioja Alavesa and enjoy its wineries and beautiful landscapes.

Vitoria Gasteiz, a green capital city

Known for being one of the cleanest and most sustainable cities in Spain, Vitoria Gasteiz has obtained the international Biosphere Responsible Tourism certification as a sustainable tourist destination.

It is very easy to get around the city, both on foot and by bicycle. One of Victoria's must-see attractions is the Green Belt, a perimeter made up of six large parks (Armentia, Salburua, Olarizu, Zabalgana, Zadorra and the park along the River Alegria). If you have time, enjoy a walk or a bike ride.

Places worth visiting in Vitoria Gasteiz

 Here are some of the places you can't miss when you visit Vitoria.


Santa María Cathedral

The Gothic cathedral of Santa María has been completely restored.

During the renovation work, an "Open for works" initiative was set up to allow visitors to see how it was built and to appreciate the grandeur of the building from the inside. This original idea attracted more than a million visitors.

Some literary works by authors such as Ken Follet or the trilogy by Eva García Sáenz de Urturi have been inspired by this cathedral.Plaza de la Virgen Blanca and Plaza Nueva

The Plaza de la Virgen Blanca or Plaza Vieja is the nerve center of the city and is always full of people, both on its terraces and strolling around.

Surrounded by whitewashed houses, in the center of the square there is a monument dedicated to the battle of Vitoria against Napoleon's troops. You will also see the famous giant letters "Vitoria Gasteiz'', symbolizing Victoria's designation as the "green capital" of Europe.

From here, you can access the neoclassical-style Plaza Nueva, which forms an arcaded square measuring 60 meters on each side, presided over by the town hall.


Historical center of Vitoria

The streets of the historical center are reminiscent of the craft trades that were carried out in the Middle Ages: the blacksmith's, blacksmith's, shoemaker's, cutlery and painter's trades.

The oldest buildings in the city are preserved in these streets, as well as the most important ones, such as the Escoriaza-Esquivel and Montehermoso palaces, which have been converted into a cultural centre. Others are Villasuso, Benaña and the façade of the church of San Pedro and the Casa del Cordón, which was the residence of Felipe el Hermoso and Juana la Loca.

Behind the cathedral you will also see the Portalón, a beautiful medieval brick inn, and the Torre de Los Anda.

What to eat in Vitoria Gasteiz

Basque gastronomy is known worldwide. The variety and quality of its raw materials and its careful preparation make its cuisine one of the reasons why thousands of tourists visit the area every year.

You cannot leave Vitoria without "ir de pintxos o de pote" as they say. The old quarter and the city center is full of typical taverns where locals and tourists mingle to enjoy this haute cuisine in miniature. And all washed down with txakoli and the excellent wines of La Rioja Alavesa. You won't know where to start.

 Where to stay in Vitoria Gasteiz

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