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  • Écija
  • 18 Jun. 202419 Jun. 2024
    18 Jun.19 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hoteles en Écija| B&B HOTELS, 1 hotel

Ecija, a journey to the heart of Andalusia

Located in the south of Spain, in the province of Seville, Ecija is a jewel that captivates all types of travelers with its historical charm and rich cultural heritage.

 Why visit Ecija

Known as the "City of Towers" due to its impressive panorama of bell towers and spires, Ecija is a beautiful city with a stately past. We will then dive into the cobbled streets of this city declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1966 to discover its treasures and vibrant cultural life.

 How to get to Ecija

Ecija has around 40,000 inhabitants and is located on the banks of the river Genil. You can get there from Cordoba on the Andalusia motorway, as it is 55 kilometers from the city, and also from Seville, 88 kilometers from the Sevillian capital.

 A walk through history

Ecija has its roots in antiquity and its history is reflected in every corner.

 Plaza de España

One of the most emblematic sites is the Plaza de España, surrounded by historic buildings dating from different eras. As you stroll around the square, you can appreciate the fusion of architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque, which bear witness to the city's rich history.

Benamejí Palace

The Benamejí Palace, an 18th-century masterpiece, is another must-see landmark. This palace shows the opulence of the aristocracy of the time and will allow you to imagine the life of the high society of the time.

 Santa Maria Church

The Church of Santa Maria, built on the remains of a former mosque, is an impressive example of Gothic architecture. Its intricate details and decoration, both sculptural and pictorial, on altarpieces and walls, make it a place of contemplation and admiration.

Church of San Juan Bautista

The Church of San Juan Bautista is another jewel that stands out for its Baroque façade and splendid altarpieces. As you walk through its corridors, you will feel the serenity that emanates from this sacred place.

Cultural Wealth

In addition to its rich architecture, Ecija is known for its festivals and traditions.

Holy Week in Ecija

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a celebration that gives the city an atmosphere of fervor and devotion. The processions, with their impressive religious steps, offer a unique and moving experience.

Ecija Flamenco Night

Every September the Noche Flamenca Ecijana (Ecijan Flamenco Night) is held, one of the long-established festivals not to be missed if you like flamenco.

Ecija's gastronomy

Don't leave without sampling the delicious local gastronomy in the typical bars and taverns that abound around the city.

Local gastronomy includes molletes de pan (bread rolls) with different fillings and traditional dishes such as salmorejo, gazpacho ecijano, sopa de gato (garlic soup) and flamenquines. In confectionery, you can choose from pestiños (fritters), tortas (cakes) and the handmade sweets from the Convent of Santa Florentina.

Nature and Landscapes

Ecija also offers impressive natural landscapes.

 Santa Clara Gardens

If you want to relax, take a stroll through the gardens of Santa Clara. Its leafy trees and fountains are the perfect place to unwind after strolling through the lively streets of the center.

 The Sevillian countryside

Ecija is one of the seven counties that make up the Seville countryside, between the lower Guadalquivir and the hills of the Sierra Sur.

A stroll through its extensive olive groves and vineyards will give you a taste of life in the Andalusian countryside and allow you to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Where to stay in Ecija

The new B&B HOTEL Écija is perfect for you to get to know this beautiful Andalusian city.

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 In Ecija you will enjoy a unique experience full of history, culture and nature, don't miss it!