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  • Lleida
  • 18 Jul. 202419 Jul. 2024
    18 Jul.19 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Hotels in Lleida | B&B HOTELS, 2 hotels

The city of Lleida is located in the north-east of Spain, halfway between Zaragoza and Barcelona. Located 155 kilometres from Barcelona, 152 kilometres from Zaragoza and 100 kilometres from Tarragona, it is ideally connected to the north-east of Spain. With more than 137,000 inhabitants, this city hides great treasures. In addition, there are many activities to do and the ideal connection for accommodation and tourism, both in the province itself and in the surrounding area. 

In Lleida you will find history, beauty, tourism, good connections and a fundamental part of Catalan culture. A whole city to discover where you can enjoy our new hotel B&B HOTEL Ciudad de Lleida and B&B HOTEL Lleida.

Connected to major Spanish cities

Its location, halfway between Aragon, Barcelona and the north of the Valencian Community, makes Lleida a well-connected and easily accessible place. By car it takes approximately one hour and forty minutes from Zaragoza and one hour and fifty minutes from Barcelona. But there are many other options for getting there. Lleida has an AVE high-speed train station, which connects it with Barcelona in less than an hour, with Zaragoza in forty-five minutes and with Madrid in just over two hours, so travelling by AVE high-speed train can be a good way to save time. 

What to see in Lleida?

Lleida has many places to visit, but perhaps the best known is the Seu Vella or old cathedral, also known as the "Castle of Lleida", which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, its importance is more military than artistic, as from 1701 it was a military barracks and during the Civil War it became a concentration camp.

In addition to this old cathedral, from where the panoramic views of the city are impressive, there is also the new cathedral, in Baroque and neoclassical style. But the historic centre of the city has many other things to see, from the Plaça de Sant Joan to the Palau de la Paeria, where the current town hall is located.

As in Barcelona, Lleida also has touches of modernist architecture along its main streets, which are highly recommended. These include the Escorxador Municipal Theatre and the Casa Melcior.

Finally, we must not forget its two important castles. The King's Castle and the Templar Castle of Gardeny. The former dates from the 9th century and was home to the Kings of Aragon. In fact, it was here that James I the Conqueror was named. The second, more modern, from the 12th century, is one of the best-preserved buildings of the Order of the Temple.

A gastronomy to enjoy

Spain is a gastronomic paradise in which every city offers something special to enjoy, and Lleida is no exception. Pork and vegetables are some of the local products that stand out in the province, being the Catalan city with the highest production of pork. But they are also major producers of pears, apples, peaches and nectarines.

In addition to these excellent products, which you must try if you travel to Lleida, they also have some dishes that you will love. There are many recipes based on snails, in fact, Lleida is the capital of snail cuisine in the whole of Spain, so the star dish has a clear protagonist.

Where to stay?

Our new hotels B&B HOTEL Ciudad de Lleida and B&B HOTEL Lleida have all the amenities for you to enjoy a few days in the city. Whether you are travelling on business or on holiday, our staff will make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. 
Our rooms are very spacious and all have air conditioning. 
In addition, there is free wifi throughout the hotel, parking and an unbeatable location just a few minutes from the centre of the Catalan city.
The rooms have a full bathroom with hairdryer and TV. Plus, our breakfasts are delicious!
At B&B HOTELS we love pets, that's why we are Pet Friendly. Check our website when you make your booking. 

The best value for money accommodation is always available at B&B HOTELS. Make your reservation on our website and you will always find the best price.