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The 10 best restaurants in Antwerp

Antwerp is the place for anyone who has a passion for good food and drink. It is without a doubt one of the European cities where you go to enjoy culinary delights from start to finish. This beautiful city with a long, fascinating history is therefore synonymous with conviviality.

Are you planning a visit to Antwerp and still looking for a restaurant in Antwerp? Below you can read more about the 10 best restaurants in this vibrant city where you can regain your strength after a visit to the Antwerp Zoo, Het Steen, Antwerp Train Station or the Grote Markt!


1. Black Smoke

Black Smoke brings barbecue to the beating heart of Antwerp. It offers not only a BBQ restaurant, but also a bar and even a rooftop bar where craft is central. Black Smoke combines old American BBQ traditions with local influences for a unique, unforgettable culinary experience.

2. Le Pristine

In this hip part of Antwerp, cocktail bar Le Pristine reflects the stylish hallmark of renowned chef Sergio Herman. Do you fancy succulent Zeeland mussels flavored with fresh, spicy lovage and savory pecorino cheese? Or is a Mediterranean mini-pizza topped with aspic something for you? In the magnificent open kitchen, Chris Blom, a student of Sergio's, combines seafood dishes with great sense of Italian romance. It's nice to know that all the dishes on the menu can be shared. Le Pristine is a vibrant hotspot that offers world-class formidable cuisine!

3. Otomat

Otomat makes its own dough from beer yeast from Duvel. This restaurant offers two major categories: classic pizzas with tomato sauce and sour cream-based pizzas, also known as "white pizzas". Both types have a wide range of topping options and there are new seasonal variations regularly. Not so crazy about pizza? Or want to think about your waistline? Then simply order a smaller version with a salad at lunch. In the evening, two people can even share three small pizzas and choose two side salads.

4. Fiskebar

One of the nicest restaurants in Antwerp South is wine and fish bistro Fiskebar. It is an atmospheric fish restaurant that also has excellent wines on the menu. If you are fond of fish, this restaurant is definitely one to put on your priority list. In the summer months, the terrace is a wonderful place to enjoy a nice meal with family or friends, have a drink and watch people walk by. It is easy to understand why Fiskebaar is a favorite restaurant in Antwerp for so many people!

5. O’tagine

O'tagine, located on Ernest van Dijckkaai within walking distance of the Grote Markt, one of Antwerp's most beautiful squares, dishes up tasty dishes of Moroccan cuisine. As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in tajines and couscous dishes, which they serve with deliciously tender chicken or lamb or with fresh, filleted anchovies. The people behind O'tagine insist on making everyone feel welcome. That's why they also have a wide range of vegetarian options.

6. De Broers van Julienne

The team behind  De Broers van Julienne has been cooking exclusively homemade delicacies with honest, organic quality ingredients since 1993. In the cozy store you can buy honest products that are also used in the restaurant. There is also a large assortment of homemade fresh produce. Would you like to learn how to make all that delicious food yourself? Then you can even take various cooking workshops here.

7. Brasserie Appelmans

In the cozy Papenstraat, loved for its beautiful steps, you will find Brasserie Appelmans. Here you can enjoy delicious food in the historic center of Antwerp. This restaurant is located right next to the beautiful cathedral, making it the ultimate place to fully enjoy the city. Sit back and enjoy a wide range of refreshing cocktails. Moreover, at Brasserie Appelmans you can also enjoy a delicious meal at noon and in the evening.

8. Fiskesur

Are you fond of seafood? Then quickly book a table at Fiskesur on the Kattendijkdok Oostkaai. It is the first fish bar in 't Antwerp Eilandje and draws its inspiration every day from the daily catch and local harvest from organic fish and vegetable farmers. Fiskeskur is located in an old customs building by the water, whose former counters were transformed into a long bar overlooking the open kitchen.

9. Green Garage

Is a tropical oasis for you? At Green Garage you can find a successful combination of nature and coffee. First enjoy a steaming cup of tea or espresso, then take a look at the lush plants, all for sale. Green Garage is strongly committed to fair trade and donates a portion of the proceeds to fair trade and coffee farmers.

10. Poule & Poulette

In numerous cities, Poule & Poulette immediately attracts the attention of anyone with a fondness for chicken. The restaurant on Eilandje in Antwerp, a stone's throw from the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), is instantly recognizable by its cute interior with cozy seating boxes. Because Poule & Poulette is all about "fun loving food moments," you'll eat like chickens on sticks here!


But that's not all, because Antwerp has a lot more to offer besides these 10 best restaurants. Complete your culinary enjoyment with a combination of cookies, chocolate, fries and Belgian beer.

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