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Visit Antwerp!

The Best Things to Do in Antwerp

Are you planning to visit the second largest city in Belgium and wondering about the activities and attractions that this metropolis has to offer, as well as which museums you can visit in Antwerp? In short, what are the things to do in Antwerp? On this page, we will share the most enjoyable landmarks and the trendiest neighborhoods of this vibrant city, so you can easily plan an unforgettable visit to Antwerp.

By the way, with the Antwerp City Card, you can count on free admission or substantial discounts at over 50 attractions in the city!

Centraal Station

Antwerp's Central Station is one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, both inside and out. It is one of the must-see places in Antwerp. If you arrive by train, this is where your city visit begins. In that case, don't rush and take your time to admire this impressive building.

Antwerp Zoo

Zoo Antwerp, founded in 1843, is not only the oldest zoo in Belgium but also one of the oldest in the world. This historic zoo is located right in the center of Antwerp, next to the Central Station. It can be visited all year round, as it offers both indoor and outdoor attractions. There are various activities and shows, and you can easily spend a few hours here. Definitely a must-visit if you're in Antwerp with children!

Diamond District

Adjacent to the Central Station is Antwerp's famous Diamond District, the place where rough and cut diamonds are traded. You can't visit the trading markets themselves, but there are plenty of shops where you can buy diamond jewelry. Most diamond stores are located in a triangle of three streets to the west of the Central Station: De Keyserlei, Pelikaanstraat, and Vestingstraat.

The Meir

This shopping street encompasses the streets around the area from the cathedral to the Central Station. Thanks to its historic architecture and stately character, shopping on the Meir is extremely pleasant. It's not just the buildings that make it worth a visit, the offerings are also fantastic. Be sure to also visit the exclusive and beautifully restored Stadsfeestzaal of Antwerp.

The Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal

The Antwerp Cathedral of Our Lady is the tallest Gothic building in the Low Countries. It is an iconic structure, but also a treasure trove with a magnificent collection of artworks, including several paintings by Rubens.

You can take a guided tour of the cathedral or explore it at your own pace. Admission to the cathedral is 12 euros for adults (children are free).

Grote Markt

The Grote Markt of Antwerp is the central square of the city. It is one of the most beautiful squares in Antwerp and even in Europe. The stunning 16th-century City Hall dominates the square, surrounded by the beautiful guild houses. If there is one place you absolutely must see in Antwerp, it is the Grote Markt and its famous Brabo fountain.

Kasteel Het Steen

Kasteel Het Steen is the oldest building in Antwerp. It was constructed in the early 13th century as a city fortress. This impressive castle is located on the Scheldt River and is within short walking distance from the Grote Markt.

Previously, Het Steen housed the Maritime Museum. Later, it transformed into a child-friendly meeting space with various workshops for children. Eventually, the city decided to better utilize this beautiful building, and it now serves as an enjoyable place where visitors can learn more about the history of Antwerp.

The Port of Antwerp

The port has always been of great importance to the city of Antwerp. So, be sure to take a leisurely walk along the Scheldt River and experience what this port city is truly about. In the distance, you will undoubtedly see some large container ships moored.

If you have a few hours to spare, consider taking a boat trip in the Port of Antwerp or take the waterbus for a short ride to Sint-Anna on the other side of the river.

The Trendy Eilandje and the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom)

The modern red building of the MAS in the trendy neighborhood of Het Eilandje has become an unmissable place in Antwerp in recent years.

The MAS features many interesting exhibitions, and the interior of this modern building is also very impressive. Be sure to seize the opportunity to go all the way to the top of the building, as the rooftop terrace of the MAS offers one of the best views of Antwerp!

Royal Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSK) is one of the best museums in Antwerp. It can also be a good alternative to the Rubenshuis, which remains closed for several more years due to extensive renovations.

The museum is open daily from 10 hours and has a late opening on Thursday evenings. You have the option to reserve a specific time slot in advance, but usually, you can also purchase tickets on-site. Feel free to visit their website for more information.

Chocolate Nation

Chocolate Nation is the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world, offering a unique and interactive experience. It is one of the latest additions to Antwerp's tourist attractions and has quickly become one of the most popular places to visit in the city.

Located near Antwerp's Central Station, Chocolate Nation is open every day. A visit to this museum is a must on your itinerary if you're planning a trip to Antwerp!

On foot, by bicycle, or by public transport? Visit Antwerp and its many trendy neighborhoods today, and make sure to treat yourself to a traditional local beer at one of the city's many cozy terraces or enjoy a delicious meal at one of Antwerp's numerous restaurants. Afterwards, you can count on a refreshing night's sleep with B&B HOTELS in Antwerp!