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A fun day out in Antwerp Center

Een leuk dagje uit in Antwerpen Centrum.jpg

Are you traveling to Belgium soon for a city trip to the historic center of Antwerp? Good idea, because this hip, vibrant city has very many nice surprises in store for you, including a number of centrally located cozy centers with trendy stores where you can shop the finest fashions, among other things.

The city of Antwerp is close to the Dutch border and there's always and everywhere something to do and experience. In this article, we share our best and most important tips for a unique and unforgettable stay in Antwerp.


Enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions


Centraal Station antwerpen.jpg

Whatever the date of your trip to Antwerp, this ancient city on the Scheldt offers many attractions for young and old, entertaining at any time of the year!

Start your day, for example, at the impressive Central Station on Astridplein. The station was inaugurated in 1905 and boasts no fewer than 14 platforms. Then stroll along De Keyserlei towards the city center. Crossing the Leien, you arrive at the Meir, the city's largest shopping street. Here you'll find mainly chain stores, which is ideal if you like shopping in busy centers.


Meir Antwerpen.jpg

At a certain point on the Meir, you'll find the Stadsfeestzaal on your left, a luxury shopping center housed in a majestic building that was completely renovated between 2004 and 2007. From the impressive dome adorned with gold leaf to the mosaics, wall reliefs and oak parquet flooring... you won't know where to turn!

A little further on, you'll find the Grand Bazar d'Anvers, a multi-storey shopping mall with a supermarket, well-known brands and casual restaurants. Antwerp's largest shopping center, Wijnegem Shopping Center, is a little outside the city, however, around 15 minutes' drive from the center. If you prefer to shop in smaller shopping streets, the Wilde Zee is the place for you: this friendly district owes its name to the bridge built there in the 15th century over the fortress of the time. There are also some nice markets, such as the Bird Market, the Exotic Market and the Friday Market.

The Groenplaats is close to the Grand Bazaar shopping center and also offers several pleasant bars and restaurants. Like several other squares in Antwerp, the Groenplaats serves as a kind of "oasis of calm" in the lively city center. A little further on you will find the Grote Markt, a historic square with numerous guild houses, the beautiful City Hall and the centuries-old Brabofountain


Taste the local specialities

Proef van lokale specialiteiten.jpg


Chances are, after all that walking and shopping, you'll be in the mood for a bite to eat and a drink.

Luckily for you, Belgians are known the world over as true gourmets. So there are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. Take a seat in the famous Den Engel café on the Grand-Place to sip your favorite beer, order a delicious portion of French fries in one of the city's many French fry shops and treat yourself to a box of delicious chocolates. There's even a museum devoted entirely to chocolate, so a visit to Chocolate Nation should definitely be on your agenda!

Other local delicacies include Antwerp handjes, waffles, Belgian speculoos, smoked horsemeat, advocaat, bolleke anversoise and Elixir d'Anvers. Your mouth already watering?

Book a comfortable room with B&B HOTELS


Still looking for a place to spend the night in central Antwerp? Don't hesitate to visit one of our two B&B HOTELS in Antwerp. The B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Centrum is located on the Frankrijklei, right in the city center. Our other accommodation, the B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Zuid, is just a few kilometers away, near the Vlaamse Kaai, a stone's throw from Antwerp's historic center.

At both hotels, you can count on an ideal location, free high-speed Wi-Fi access, comfortable rooms and air conditioning, among other features. What's more, you can add a delicious breakfast to your reservation. This way, you provide your body with enough energy to enjoy for a good part of the day!

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