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What to do in Antwerp: find out our best suggestions

What to do in Antwerp

The hip city of Antwerp is located in northern Belgium on the Scheldt River, just a stone's throw from the border with the Netherlands. The Scheldt provides easy access to the busy North Sea, making Antwerp an important port for centuries. In the 17th century, thanks in part to its unique location, it was even one of the largest, most beautiful and prosperous cities in Europe. The city's oldest memory even dates back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries.

Today, Antwerp is known for its art, fashion, diamonds and excellent restaurants. This historic city is easily accessible by train and ideal for exploring on foot or by bicycle. On this page you will find our selection of sights to visit in Antwerp.

Visit wonderful museums in Antwerp

The great thing about Antwerp is that there are numerous interesting museums to visit. For example, a visit to the Rubens House should definitely not be missing from your schedule. The renowned painter Rubens bought this property in the early 1600s. From then until his death in 1640, he had the house completely renovated.

At this exact location, Rubens painted many of his impressive creations. Today you can admire an extensive collection of his own paintings and those of his contemporaries and students. Since the painter's death, the building had various uses, but finally the city of Antwerp bought the entire property in 1937. A visit to the ten renovated rooms will give you a good impression of Rubens' life.

Another attraction in Antwerp is the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) in the Eilandje district close to the Red Star Line Museum. It is recognizable by its red, square shape that immediately stands out in Antwerp's skyline. In this museum, you will discover why Antwerp has such an important place in world history and what the specific role of this bustling port city was. Each of the building's nine floors houses its own exhibition, so you can spend several hours there if you wish.

Of course, a visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady in the historic center is also highly recommended. This impressive cathedral is the main church of the diocese of Antwerp and is located at the cozy Handschoenmarkt, near the Grote Markt and Groenplaats square in the heart of the city. It is one the masterpieces of Gothic architecture and houses several works of art by famous painters, including Rubens.

Finally, you can also admire the Steen aan de Schelde. This is the oldest building in Antwerp and one of the most iconic places for residents and visitors alike. Close to this attraction is St. Paul's Church, a unique Baroque gem in Gothic architecture.

Taste chocolate at Chocolate Nation and go shopping on the Meir

You probably already aware of it: Belgium is known worldwide for its delicious chocolate! But do you already know how and why this delicacy became so important to this small European country?

Then treat yourself to a visit to Chocolate Nation, centrally located in the city right across from the Antwerp-Central train station. At this fun place you will learn all about chocolate. You will learn all about the labor-intensive process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate. In the 14 themed rooms of Chocolate Nation, you will get the necessary explanations about the extraordinary journey chocolate takes around the world. Your experiences at this museum will remain in your memory for a long time! And after a solid portion of culture, you can go shopping on the Meir.

In this cozy shopping street, you are sure to find some nice things to spoil yourself and your loved ones!

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