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Enjoy stays for two at our B&B HOTELS in Belgium

Weekend for two in Belgium 

Do you want to take a break to take a breather or explore Belgium and its cultural riches? B&B HOTELS welcomes you during your getaway on Belgian soil.

Book up to the last minute and get the best price for your stay by booking at one of our B&B HOTELS Belgium.
Our hotels near city centers and tourist sites make them first-choice establishments for a romantic weekend

Break for two in one of our 3 star B&B HOTELS 

Contemporary and stylish, our rooms are designed for you! Enjoy one or more nights in our establishments and take advantage of the services we offer you during your stay in Belgium. 

At your own pace, enjoy the treasures that the country has to offer by visiting the effervescent city of Brussels.

Stroll through the popular squares of Ghent and discover the charm of the different architectural styles that enliven the cobblestone streets. 

Discover Antwerp and its unique personality through baroque and majestic monuments, all by bike, to fully enjoy the city center. 

Be surprised by Hasselt and its city centre, a delightful mix of pedestrian streets, shops and a strong cultural and artistic life.

Discover the "Cité Ardente", as Liège is known, a must-see in Belgium.

Let yourself be seduced by the city of Mechelen. The city, with its cobbled streets, its richly decorated buildings listed by UNESCO and heirs to Flemish art, is a romantic and bucolic destination for a weekend in Flanders. 

The Walloon capital Namur and its imposing citadel welcome you for a getaway. Discover the city on board the famous "Namourettes", small riverboats in the shape of long, slender whaleboats.

With 24-hour arrivals possible and multiple parking solutions, organize a tailor-made city break! Find the simplicity you are looking for at B&B HOTELS Belgium at an affordable price!

Romantic getaway & last minute booking: be sure to check out B&B HOTELS!

Concentrate on the essentials and trust our teams to welcome you in the best conditions and at the best prices during your visit to Belgium. We would also like to remind you that we will welcome your pet in our establishments for an additional fee of 6 euros.

Book your future room in just a few clicks for a marvelous break and getaway for two.