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Our parking solutions at B&B HOTELS Belgium

Because we know that the parking solution is an important criterion in the organization of our trips, at B&B HOTELS we take into account your needs to offer you, across our network of hotels in Belgium, a parking space solution adapted to all your needs, whether you are a travelling professional or an individual on weekends or holidays!

Also, for each of our hotels, you will find information relating to the different possibilities available to you to park your vehicle by consulting the information sheet for our establishments.

For example, by booking your room in our B&B HOTEL Brussels Center Gare du Midi, two options are available to you: 

  • the Q-Park Gare du Midi car park fee is: € 4.20 / hour; € 37.00 / 24h.
  • the MyflexiPark - Gare du Midi - Rossini car park, the most inexpensive underground car park (secure and video-monitored) near our hotel with an online reservation possible and where you are 5 minutes from your B&B HOTELS room

Our B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Zuid has parking spaces available*.

Our B&B HOTEL Brussels Centre Louise offers secure, guarded parking*.

Travelling to Ghent? Our B&B HOTEL Gent Centrum offers you a parking solution at special rates thanks to its partnership with Interparking.

Our B&B HOTEL Hasselt has a private car park with video surveillance in the basement (max. height 2.00 metres). A total of 17 paying parking spaces* are available. 

Our B&B HOTEL Liège Rocourt has a private and free car park where you can leave your car. 

In our hotel in Namur and in our B&B HOTEL Mechelen, private car parks are available for a fee*.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Our constant desire to meet the needs of our customers, which constantly evolves, pushes us to offer you new types of services at our hotels. Owners of a Tesla, a Renault Zoé or a Kia e-Niro? Take advantage of your visit to B&B HOTELS Belgium to recharge your batteries ... as well as those of your electric car!

The comfort of our double and family rooms will give you plenty of time to recharge your car in the private parking of our B&B HOTEL Antwerpen Zuid using the charging station available to you during your stay. Ideal before reaching your destination.
*Would you like to receive information before your arrival? Do not hesitate to contact our hotel or use our e-concierge service!