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  • Creil
  • 14 Jul. 202415 Jul. 2024
    14 Jul.15 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Creil, 1 hotel

Book your stay in Creil with B&B HOTELS

Located in Picardy, Creil is the gateway to the Parc naturel régional de l'Oise. With the Oise river running through it, the city is the perfect blend of cultural heritage and nature. Don’t delay - book your accommodation in Creil today!

Accommodation options in Creil

Book our best hotel in Creil

With ideal transport links, our B&B Hôtel Creil Chantilly is very easy to get to. You’ll like the warm welcome waiting for you at your hotel in Creil. A wide range of room types is on offer, to meet your every need. With all the home comforts you might need, the rooms have free unlimited Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV.

A hotel close to Parc Astérix

At Parc Astérix there are rides for all ages, organised around six themes, from the Vikings to the Roman Empire to the ancient Egyptians.

Are rides your thing? You’ll find plenty at Parc Astérix, and there’s something for everyone! Thrill seekers are sure to get their adrenaline shot with the emblematic "Tonnerre de Zeus", or the new ride "Osez Oziris". In summer, don’t miss Romus et Rapidus, a tumultuous water ride where you’ll take a seat in a dingy. The Gauls versus Romans show: the showdown in an imitation roman arena is also well worth seeing.

To enjoy the park without being pushed for time, book a room in a hotel close to Parc Astérix! Our B&B hotel in Creil is perfect. With all the comforts of home and affordably priced, it is only a few minutes away from the fun park. Go ahead and book directly online! And don’t worry, the only thing to worry about during your family weekend away in Creil is that the sky might fall in!

Things to do and see in Creil

Though the earliest signs of the area’s settlement date back to the bronze age, it saw its first development phase in the Gallo-Roman era, taking advantage of its position on the route between Senlis and Beauvais. The earliest mention of the city dates back to the middle of the 7th century. In 1150 it became a significant pilgrimage site, with the founding of the collégiale Saint-Evremond collective. A place of residence of French kings, the city developed further in the 19th century with the industrial revolution and specialised in particular in earthenware and metalwork. The advent of the railway and the laying of the Paris-Nord Lille line made it easier to set up factories.

Things to do and see in the Creil area

The banks of the Oise make for pleasant country walks, whether alone, as a couple or family. The right bank is occupied by brownfield sites, modest housing estates and factories, while the left bank has held onto its unspoiled side.

Many buildings bear witness to the city’s industrial past. During your stay you can tour the Château de Creil, built in the late 14th century; the Temple de l'Amour which stands at the far end of Ile Saint Maurice, Eglise Saint Médard and more. You can tour the Maison de la Faïence, which displays more than 600 fine earthenware, black stoneware and opaque porcelain pieces.

Creil hosts lots of events throughout the year, from the Festival Près de chez vous, to the Festival des artistes (which takes place in March), to the Traversée de l'Oise in late December. The following are not to be missed: the Festival de poésie (March); the Convention Manga (2008), the Rencontres de danse hip-hop and the Mix Up Festival (early June); Creil-Bords de l'Oise (July-August); the Foire aux marrons (early November) and the Salon du livre et de la bande dessinée (also November).