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  • Nîmes
  • 18 Apr. 202419 Apr. 2024
    18 Apr.19 Apr.
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B&B Hotels in Nîmes, 2 hotels

Nîmes is a town of art and history in Southern France. Part of the lovely Languedoc Roussillon region, a gentle Mediterranean blows across this city filled to the brim with history. To discover all the richness of the city, stay in one of our affordable hotels in Nîmes.

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Nîmes has a privileged location on the Latin Arch of the Mediterranean, between Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon and Orange. The city, which overlooks the wide Vistre valley and the Costières plateau, houses a rich Gallo-Roman history and has been able to maintain its traditions, with bullfighting foremost among them. Officially classified as a Town of Art and History, Nîmes has an expansive cultural heritage waiting to be discovered. Well known for its impressive Roman buildings, it is just as much a contemporary city, very much living in the moment. Don’t hesitate, book your accommodations in Nîmes today!

Where to stay in Nîmes?

Are you looking for a hotel in Nîmes? Book a stay at either of the two B&B establishments in the city: the B&B Hotel Nîmes Centre Arènes and the B&B Hotel Nîmes Ville Active are waiting to give you a warm welcome, in located a stone’s throw away from the landmarks you won’t want to miss. You have a large choice of air-rooms, all of which are equipped with free, unlimited Wi-Fi and a flat-screen television.

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Are you planning a vacation to the South of France, with a stop to visit Nîmes? Our B&B Hotel Nîmes Centre Arènes is very well located, putting you only a few minutes away from the city centre! That makes it easy for you to visit the Arena of Nîmes or the Jardins de la Fontaine. And getting here is easy, however you’re travelling. Our establishment is near the SNCF train station and the A9 motorway. What’s more, if you stay with us, you’ll enjoy all the perks of our affordable, 2-star hotel! We give you access to free and unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi and provide you with a flat-screen television, high-quality linens and air-conditioning, whether you choose a single or family room. You’ll find out about our other services when you touch down at our B&B Hotel Nîmes Centre Arènes. Our staff awaits your arrival!

Are you looking for an affordable, 3-star hotel in Nîmes? The B&B Hôtel Nîmes Ville Active was made for you! Not far from the SNCF trains station, the Nîmes Alès Camargue Cévennes Airport and the A9 motorway, getting there is fast and easy. You can book a room 24/7 thanks to our self-service kiosks. Whether on a business trip, family vacation or couple’s getaway, you will get a very comfortable room, equipped with free, high-speed WiFi, a private bathroom and a parking space. A delicious buffet-style breakfast greets you in the morning, for the low price of €6! Located close to the Arena of Nîmes, the city centre and a few kilometres from the Gardon Gorges this hotel is the perfect launchpad for your exploration of Nîmes and the surrounding region.

The top things to see and do in Nîmes

Evidence of human settlement of the area goes back to the 6th century BC, when the Volcae Arecomici laid down roots here. In the 2nd century BC, Nîmes became Roman: Nemausa acquired the status of colony under Roman rule, and became one of the spearheads of the Empire’s spread into Gaul. The city, ideally located on the Via Domitia, was at its peak before it suffered a blow during the invasions and reign of the Visigoths in the 5th century. Nîmes then went into a period of decline lasting until the year 1000, at which time the trade of grapes, olives and sheep, as well as fabrics, led to a moment of renewal. Drafted to the Huguenot cause, Nîmes was hit hard by the Wars of Religion. The continued along the path of economic development, exporting its silks and fabrics all the way to Southeast Asia.

In the 19th century, competition from Lyon led to the decline of the textile industry: Narbonne turned its focus then to the cultivation of vineyards.

Visit and explore Nîmes on foot

Surrounded by garrigue scrubland, Nîmes is an ideal place to combine nature walks with cultural tourism. You can stroll around the Arboretum de Vacquerolles, take the Clos Gaillard trails, or plan an invigorating ramble through the Bois des Espeisses or the Domaine d’Escattes... Are you spending a few days in Nîmes? At the Nîmes Tourist Office, you can pick from several different passes that will let you explore the city according to a certain theme: Roman Pass, Wine Pass, Heritage... the choice is yours! What’s more, the Tourist Office is only a few kilometres from our B&B hotels—how convenient!

Nîmes has exceptional and remarkably well-preserved historical sites that bear witness to its Gallo-Roman past. The Maison Carrée, the Arena, the Tour Magne, the Porte Auguste and Porte de France gates (the last vestiges of the old city wall), the Pont du Gard, the Castellum Divisiorum, the Temple of Diana, the Achilles and Pentheus mosaics... There are many must-see landmarks for you to discover during your stay. The city is also blessed with a rich culinary heritage, so don’t forget to try the famous brandade nîmoise gratin, the petit pâté nîmois stuffed pastries and the croquants Villaret almond biscuits!

Several events are held each year in Nîmes: the Flamenco Festival in January, the Romain Weekend, in April, a chance to go back to the time of the gladiators, the Feria de Pentecôte, held in May and June, l'Eté des Arènes and the Féérie des Eaux, in July and August, the Feria des Vendanges, in September... The programming has something for everyone! Take advantage of the city’s energy by staying in an affordable B&B hotel in Nîmes.