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  • Saint-Etienne
  • 19 May 202420 May 2024
    19 May20 May
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B&B Hotel in Saint-Etienne, 2 hotels

Discover the affordable hotels of the city of Saint Etienne, with its rich architectural heritage. Located in the Rhône Alpes region, this is an attractive, friendly area marked by its seven hills. Do you feel like enjoying a stay in an artistic, historic city? Stay in a hotel in Saint Etienne.

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Famous for its football players and rich industrial heritage, in 2010 Saint-Etienne was named a UNESCO Creative City of Design. Situated in the department of the Loire in the Rhône Alpes region, the city is a perfect destination for a relaxing weekend. Don’t delay—book your lodging in Saint-Etienne today!

Where to stay in Saint-Etienne

Our best hotels in Saint-Etienne

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Saint-Etienne? B&B HOTELS welcomes you in two different establishments. The perfectly-located B&B Saint-Etienne La Terrasse and B&B Saint-Etienne Monthieu offer you a warm welcome: high-quality linen, free unlimited Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV with a wide range of news, sport and cinema channels. And then of course there’s the all-you-can-eat sweet and savoury breakfast buffet: B&B has thought of everything to ensure you have a pleasant stay in Saint Etienne!

Are you a football fan? Our B&B Hotel Saint Etienne La Terrasse is perfectly situated for football fans. Indeed, it is only 5 minutes from the Geoffroy Guichard stadium, making it perfect for nights out at the match. And the hotel is very easy to reach! It is close to the A72 motorway and the Saint Etienne airport (10 minutes away by car). You can also discover the city of Saint Etienne, only 2 kilometres away from the hotel. This perfectly-located two-star hotel offers everything you could possibly need:

Our B&B Hotel Saint-Etienne Saint Monthieu is the perfect place to stay if you’re travelling by train, as it’s only 3.5 kilometres from the SNCF train station in Saint Etienne. If you’re travelling by car, no problem: our establishment is less than 4 kilometres from the A72 motorway. And finally, if you are travelling by air, the airport is only 18 kilometres away from the hotel. Whatever your mode of transport, the B&B Hotel in Monthieu is nearby. Upon arrival, you will be delighted by its excellent value for money. Indeed, the two-star hotel offers free unlimited Wi-Fi, a private bathroom, a very comfortable Bultex mattress, exclusive pillows and more.

You’ll have everything you need! All you need to do is book a stay in one of our rooms and let our staff take care of the rest.

Discover Saint-Etienne by booking a stay with B&B HOTELS

An act of retrocession from 1125 mentions the existence of a city, Furan, which predated the Saint-Etienne parish. In the 15th century, the inhabitants of Saint-Etienne obtained, through letters patent, the authorisation to build a wall for protection. Taken over by the Admiral of Coligny in 1569 during the Wars of Religion, the city was described at the end of the Ancien Regime as “the most considerable in the Forez region”. The sewing machine was invented in Saint-Etienne, in 1830. At the beginning of the 19th century, the city specialised in the weapons industry and the production of cycles.

Visit Saint-Etienne by foot

During your stay, you can plan a walk in one of the city’s numerous green spaces. For a relaxing afternoon, head to Saint-Victor-sur-Loire, which is home to a marina and a comfortable beach. Nature lovers can enjoy a walk in the Réserve Naturelle Régionale Saint-Etienne-Gorges de la Loire or the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat. The area has plenty of surprises in store for you, with its varied beautiful landscapes. Why not take a hike along one of its many well-marked paths?

Tour de la Droguerie, Cathédrale Saint-Charles, Bourse du Travail, Hôtel de Ville, Manufacture d'Armes, Maison François Ier, private mansion of Julien-Chomat de Villeneuve, Manufrance, Nouvelles Galeries, Ecole des Mines... Saint-Etienne is home to a magnificent heritage that traces seven hundred years of history. During your stay you can also admire the Pont du Bois Monzil, the longest railway bridge in Europe, along with the rich statuary owned by the city (don’t miss the replica of the Statue of Liberty, found on Place Jules Ferry).

Every two years, Saint-Etienne organises the Biennale Internationale Design in the first half of March. In April, you can attend the Festival Musitecture, which blends music and architecture. In July the city echoes with the sounds of the Festival Bô Mélange and the Festival des Roches Celtiques. In October it’s time for the Festival du Livre! Alternative cultures are showcased in November, during the Avatarium. On December 4th the city celebrates the patron saint of miners, Sainte Barbe.