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  • Morlaix
  • 11 Apr. 202412 Apr. 2024
    11 Apr.12 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Morlaix, 1 hotel

Stay at our affordable hotel in Morlaix and explore the city of three hills! The Morlaix river and port help create an idyllic setting. With a city centre and streets almost entirely reserved for pedestrians, Morlaix has an authentic charm. Come discover the marvels of this medieval town by booking a room at our hotel in Morlaix.

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Located in Finistère, at the meeting point of the Jarlot and Queffleuth rivers, Morlaix possesses a magnificent heritage. A medieval town, its splendor reveals itself as you descend its pretty, picturesque streets and pass its lovely half-timbered houses. Nearby, the Bay of Morlaix and the Monts d’Arrée form magnificent landscapes of untamed beauty. Book your accommodation in Morlaix today!

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Are you looking for a hotel in Morlaix? Perfectly located, our B&B Hotel Morlaix offers you a wide selection of rooms adapted to all kinds of visits. All of them have been carefully soundproofed, ensuring you will have a calm, peaceful night’s sleep. Thanks to the free and unlimited Wi-Fi we provide, you can stay connected during your time in Brittany. Foodies are sure to enjoy the delicious sweet and savoury breakfast buffet.
Our B&B Morlaix hotel is in the perfect location, near the Nationale 12 main road that traverses the entire coast of Brittany. Do you want to discover Finistère? A stone’s throw from the Morlaix city centre, this hotel in Brittany is very near to the SNCF train station, making it easy to get around without a car. Rated two stars, staying at our hotel makes it easy to visit the city, the Morlaix Marina included.

Don’t hesitate: book your hotel in Morlaix with B&B!

Head out to explore the city of Morlaix

With its harbour located at the mouth of the English Channel, Morlaix is nestled in the safety of a bay protected from the ocean. The city was booming at the end of the Hundred Years War: trade with foreign countries, England foremost amongst them, ensured its prosperity. The city became notable for exporting linens, hides and leather produced in the region, emerging as the largest port in Brittany. In the 18th century, Morlaix entered a period of decline: the city abandoned its commercial activities, focusing instead on leisure.

Nature lovers won’t want to miss the rugged peaks of the Monts d'Arrée, nor will they want to skip out on the Armorique Regional Park or on exploring the length of the Morlaix-Carhaix green way. A bird sanctuary, the Morlaix Bay is home an ornithological reserve that is the only one of its kind in Europe. You can also visit the Parc Claude Goude (in Carantec), which offers a bird’s eye view of the entire Morlaix Bay.

From the Cairn de Barnenez-Plouezoc'h, the largest megalithic mausoleum in Europe, to the Château du Taureau, by way of the half-timbered houses decorated with corbels, the Royal Tobacco Factory and the Granite Viaduct, Morlaix and the surrounding area play host to a rich heritage. During your stay, you can also visit the Sainte-Mélaine Church, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic style, the Fountain of the Carmélites or the old Jacobin Convent, home today to the Beaux-Arts Museum.

Are you looking for activities to do during your stay in Morlaix? Several events are organized throughout the year: the Festival Panoramas in April is dedicated to contemporary music in all its forms. Every other year, trading off with Quimper, the city hosts AGRI DEIZ in April, the Finistère Agriculture and Livestock Festival. July 14th is a yearly celebration of Brittany, involving a variety of games, exhibitions and an introduction to the Breton language. In November, the athletes among us set off at the Saint-Pol-Morlaix Half-Marathon.

Whether a vacation or business brings you to Morlaix, enjoy staying in comfortable and affordable accommodations by booking a room at our hotel in Morlaix.