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  • Maurepas
  • 16 Apr. 202417 Apr. 2024
    16 Apr.17 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Maurepas, 1 hotel

Looking for a room in an affordable hotel in Maurepas, close to the major routes, public transport links and points of interest in the region? Our B&B Hotels offer high-quality facilities at an attractive rate. Book a room in our affordable hotel in Maurepas.

Book your hotel in Maurepas

Located in the Yvelines region, you should not miss the opportunity to explore this city and its surroundings whilst staying at our hotel. Monuments, cultural spaces, performance halls, exhibition centres... Maurepas is a dynamic city clearly focused on culture and the arts. Let this city surprise you with all it has to offer during your stay in our affordable hotel in Maurepas.

Where to stay in Maurepas?

Our best hotel in Maurepas

Planning a family holiday in the Ile-de-France region? Planning a business trip and looking for the ideal place at an attractive price?

Our B&B Hotel Maurepas is waiting to welcome you all year round.

B&B Hotel Maurepas is near to the Palace of Versailles, the France Miniature tourist attraction and Maurepas’ Village des Loisirs activity centre.

Whether you are with your family (with up to four people), in a couple, a solo traveller or on a business trip... Our hotel in Maurepas has a selection of different rooms to suit your every need.

Don’t delay, book your affordable hotel in Maurepas today!

Your stay in Maurepas

As indicated by the Saint-Sauveur well, the region of Maurepas has been inhabited since Prehistoric times and was subject to many invasions, first by the Romans and then by the Normans, before becoming a territory ruled by the King of France. The Cardinal of Lorraine built the Saint-Sauveur Church here in the 16th century. During the construction of the Palace de Versailles, a site was created in the region to collect the water needed to fill its elaborate fountains, pools and wells. Therefore the marshes dried out allowing for the development of agriculture in the region. The urbanisation of the city only took place in the 1960s.

What to see and do in Maurepas?

The many hiking routes allow you to take in the region’s luscious landscape. The Vallée de la Chevreuse Regional Natural Park is the perfect place to roam around, on foot or by bike. Take the opportunity to explore the Château du Mesnil-Saint-Denis, the Etang des Noës lake, the Coulée Verte park and the Commanderie des Templiers de la Villedieu cultural centre.

You won’t want to miss the many sites that bore witness to the rich history and development of Maurepas, whilst staying in our B&B Hotel. Discover the Saint-Sauveur well dating back to the Prehistoric Age, the Donjon medieval fortress built to evade the Norman invasions, the marker of the Royal channels that fed water to the Palace of Versailles and the Saint-Sauveur Church to name just a few...

Various events take place throughout the year, so there is something for everyone. Music festivals, village festivals, choir festivals, concerts... make the most of your stay at our B&B Hotel in Maurepas and join in the celebrations!