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  • Arcachon
  • 31/01/202301/02/2023
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Arcachon, 1 hotel

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Arcachon? With B&B Hotels, choose the room that best fits your needs and enjoy a comfortable stay at a low rate!

Affordable hotel in Arcachon

When you choose B&B Hotels, you will benefit from the following services:

  • Free, unlimited Wi-Fi to help you stay connected at any moment of the day or night.
  • Friendly staff who are happy to help upon your arrival and throughout your stay.
  • A generous, all-you-can-eat breakfast! Our sweet and savoury buffet will help you recharge and start the day off right.
  • Our hotel has a parking lot. You can park your car there for an additional fee of only 3 euros.
  • Travelling with a pet? No problem—quite the opposite! At B&B, dogs and cats are accepted for an additional fee of only a few euros.

By choosing a B&B hotel, you will enjoy a high level of comfort while keeping to your budget:

  • Get a good night’s sleep on our high-quality Bultex mattresses.
  • Our rooms are air conditioned, so your room will be at the perfect temperature for a restful night.
  • They are also soundproofed, guaranteeing that you won’t be bothered by any noise made by other clients of the hotel.
  • The flat-screen television in your room provides access to a variety of channels including sports and children’s channels.
  • Each room has a private bathroom with a toilet, sink and extra-large shower.

B&B Hotel in Arcachon Gujan-Mestras

Our B&B Hotel in Arcachon Gujan-Mestras is located just a few minutes’ drive from La Teste de Buch and Arcachon. This hotel near the city centre is easily reached from the A660, and the establishment is located in a green area very close to the Lac de la Madeleine. Relax and recharge your batteries in this oasis of greenery. Our affordable hotel in Arcachon is a perfect place to revitalise yourself, whether you are travelling for a family holiday or a business trip in the Aquitaine region.

History and Town Planning

Arcachon’s history begins in the 18th century, with the construction of a dyke to allow for the development of the port. Then, starting in the middle of the 19th century, the fisherman’s and resin workers’ cabins gave way to villas. Arcachon then experienced a period of rapid growth with the creation of the Bordeaux-La Teste railway line. The city quickly transformed itself into a destination for thalassotherapy and thermal baths. It consisted of four different districts, referred to as the different Cities (Winter City, Spring City, Summer City and Autumn City), which were later joined by L'Aiguillon, Les Abatilles and Le Moulleau.

Taking in the scenery

A walk along the beach, a boat trip on the Bassin, discovering the Ile aux Oiseaux and the Teich ornithological reserve... Arcachon is an ideal destination for nature lovers and fans of sports. And of course, you mustn’t forget the world-famous, 100-metre-high Dune du Pilat, one of the tallest dunes in Europe.

There, a breathtaking landscape with an unobstructed view of the Cap Ferret peninsula awaits you!

For a getaway with your family or friends, the Dune du Pilat is the ideal tourist site. Indeed, more than one million tourists visit it each year. Between the long stretch of sandy beach and the unobstructed view of the basin and the ocean in the distance, you can enjoy an exceptional panorama from this popular site. More romantic visitors will want to wait for the end of the day to watch the sunset from atop the dune.

Numerous other activities are offered in the area: soar over the Dune du Pilat in a paraglider or a remote-control glider! Once you’ve returned to solid ground, why not take a dip in the sea? The Dune du Pilat is full of surprises.

Don’t delay—book your B&B hotel near the Dune du Pilat, only a 15-minute drive away, today!

Discovering the area around Arcachon

Take advantage of your stay in our Arcachon hotel to discover a few of the region’s curiosities: the Banc d’Arguin (Gironde’s largest sand bar), the Leyre delta(also called Little Amazonia), the salt marshes…there are so many things to discover around the Arcachon basin! After exploring, you’ll enjoy the calmness of your hotel room.


Arcachon has magnificent villas such as Toledo, Brémontier, Trocadéro, Graigcrostan and more). As you stroll through the town, you will discover Allée Faust; the Château Deganne, a neo-Renaissance building that houses the city’s casino; the Passerelle Saint-Paul, a metallic construction built above a ravine and the Casino Mauresque, influenced by Arabic architecture. To get a panoramic view, climb up to the Sainte-Cécile observatory!


Numerous events are organised throughout the year in Arcachon: the Festival Arcachon en Scène in July and August; the Festival Couleurs du Monde, which shines a light on cuisine and crafts from around the world, in August, the Festival Cadences, an event dedicated to choreographic expression that is held in September of each year, and more.