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B&B Hotel in Cherbourg, 1 hotel

You can easily find an affordable hotel in Cherbourg, and head off to explore the Cotentin.
Admire the beauty of Cherbourg, a coastal city, whose 4 ports make it a thriving maritime city. Enjoy this city, which is currently in the middle of a redevelopment plan, and head to our B&B hotel in Cherbourg, which offer a high level of comfort at low rates.

Book your stay in Cherbourg

Located in the Manche département, in the heart of the Basse-Normandie region, Cherbourg-Octeville was born out a merger between the towns of Cherbourg and Octeville, in the year 2000. Book your accommodation in Cherbourg today!

Accommodation options in Cherbourg

An affordable hotel in Cherbourg

With ideal transport links, your B&B hotel Cherbourg is very easy to get to. You’ll like the warm welcome, the comfortable rooms (with a flat-screen TV and free unlimited Wi-Fi) and the gourmet breakfast, served in the form of a sweet/savoury buffet.

With two stars, our B&B hotel Cherbourg provides all the comfort you need. Close to Cherbourg city centre, it allows you to explore the city at your own pace. Even better, the Cité de la Mer is just a few minutes away, so you’ll be able to arrive and tour the attractions early. You’ll soon know all there is to know about deepsea exploration and the famous Titanic . In terms of transport links, this affordable hotel has everything going for it: the railway station is only 5 km away and the ferries to England are a stone’s throw away. Is this perhaps your starting point for a long trip?

Don’t wait to book your hotel in Cherbourg!

Things to do and see in Cherbourg

In the year 497, like the whole of Armorique, the settlement of Cherbourg becomes part of Clovis’ territories. In the year 933, it becomes part of the Duchy of Normandy. The 13th century was marred by the war years. Cherbourg was laid to waste several times, and fortified in 1300 by Philippe le Bel. In the 17th century, Vauban reinforced the fortifications and had two dams built to close off the bay of Cherbourg. Due to Cherbourg’s outlying position in the English Channel, the city is a major stopover point on transatlantic crossings.

As a break between touring attractions you could take a walk along the “sentier de l'environnement’ in the Quartier des Provinces, or go on an escapade into the le Vallon sauvage. Parc Emmanuel Liais is like a green oasis right in the city centre. You’ll like its wide variety of vegetation, from tropical rainforest to desert cactus and Brazilian palm tree. Bois du Maupas and Parc de la Fauconnière are also very pleasant. In summer, take a tour of the beaches of Cherbourg.

What to see and do in Cherbourg

Among the must-do attractions to tour during your stay, you’ll want to see the Cherbourg dam(the world’s largest manmade dam), the Mouchel fountain, Hôtel Epron de la Horie and the Art Deco Hôtel Atlantique. The Abbaye Notre-Dame du Vœu is also well worth a visit. Cherbourg is also home to interesting museums: the Muséum d'Histoire naturelle et d'ethnographie; the Musée d'art Thomas Henry, which displays fine collections of paintings and sculptures from the 15th to the 20th century; the Musée de la Guerre et de la Libération, which shines a light on day-to-day life during the Occupation; the Cité de la Mer, which is dedicated to deepsea exploration and the Titanic, and the Point du Jour, a space dedicated to photography.

Cherbourg hosts lots of events throughout the year: the Festival Femmes dans la Ville in early March, the Festival Spring also in March, the Festival du livre de jeunesse et de BD in June, the Quais en Fête in July and August and the Festival du film allemand in November.

To enjoy this rich heritage, tour attractions or simply get to know the city better, book a room in our hotel in Cherbourg.