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  • Mulhouse Hotel B&B
  • 22/10/202123/10/2021
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Mulhouse, 2 hotels

Mulhouse is a city in southern Alsace, just a few minutes away from Germany and Switzerland. The city has a lot going for it: the local aerospace industry, Cité de l’Automobile (the world’s biggest automotive museum), musée Electropolis, Cité du train… This cluster of museums has earned the city the nickname of “European capital of tech museums”. Mulhouse also holds the title of a city of art and history (“ville d’art et d’histoire”). Do you want to stay in Mulhouse? Discover the two B&B hotels in Mulhouse : low rates and high-quality services!

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Legend has it that Mulhouse grew up around a watermill, at the foot of which the miller’s daughter found a wounded soldier. They went on to marry, and other ladies and wandering soldiers followed suit… Book your accommodation in Mulhouse with B&B Hotels and discover an atypical city in Alsace, on which its industrial past and close proximity to Switzerland and Germany have made their mark.

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Are you looking for a premium hotel room in Mulhouse? Our B&B Hotel Mulhouse Centre is located right in the heart of the city centre and is ten minutes’ walk from the TGV train station.

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Our B&B Hotel Mulhouse Ile Napoléon is located next to the Cité du Train and the Musée EDF Electropolis. So this hotel is perfect for tech geeks! Motorists take note - the hotel is very close to the A36 and A35 motorways.

As the name suggests, the hôtel Mulhouse centre is located in Mulhouse city centre. Staying in this hotel will allow you to be near all the city’s main points of interest!

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The best things to do and see in Mulhouse

The industrial revolution left its mark on Mulhouse, leaving it with the nicknames “the Manchester of France” and “city of 100 chimneys”. Mining, automotive and textile businesses are still making their mark on the Mulhouse landscape. Lots of sites have been converted, such as La Fonderie, a former mechanics factory which gave way to the Université de Haute-Alsace campus.

Mulhouse would simply not be the same without place de la Réunion, the beating heart of the city in the history-rich centre. This is the starting point of your walking tour, which will inevitably take you through the Rebberg, a bourgeois neighbourhood from whose hills you will get a panoramic view of the conurbation, and also through Drouot-Barbanègre, whose barracks have been converted into homes, or Parc Wesserling or the Bioscope fun park.

Whether you’re there for a family weekend away or for a business trip, Mulhouse offers plenty of things to do and see. Why do you think it’s known as the “European capital of tech museums”. ? Because it’s home to the Cité de l’Automobile, the Cité du Tram and the musée EDF Electropolis, no less! Be sure to go and say hello to the Schweissdissi (“sweating man”), a statue in tribute to the working classes, and the depiction on the façade of the City Hall of the Klapperstein, the stone used as a punishment for those who spread malicious gossip.

Your stay in Mulhouse will be anything but boring! There’s always something going on: Carnavalia, the swim across Mulhouse each May Day, the Mulhouse automotive festival, Bêtes en Scène and as for music, Sainte-Lucie, la Fête de la Lumière in Dornach in November and lots more…

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