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  • Dunkerque
  • 22 Jul. 202423 Jul. 2024
    22 Jul.23 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B Hotel in Dunkerque, 1 hotel

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France’s major seaport on the North Sea, Dunkirk enjoys an ideal location near the Channel Tunnel and the largest cities in Northern Europe. The city, with its mixed history as a harbour and industrial centre, draws thousands of tourists every year, come to walk along its fine sandy beaches and to take part in its famous Carnaval. Perfectly located, a warm welcome awaits you at your hotel in Dunkirk.

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The B&B Hotel in Dunkerque Centre Gare is located in the city centre, near the train station. The rooms at your affordable hotel in Dunkirk have been designed with your comfort in mind, and come equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. They are also air-conditioned, and have been carefully soundproofed to ensure you are not disturbed during your visit.

Explore Dunkerque

Founded in the 7th century, Dunkerque was originally a small fishing village. Its allure made it hotly contested: it was part of the County of Flanders, the Kingdom of Spain, and the Kingdom of England, before becoming definitively French in 1662. Heavily bombed during the First World War, it was the staging ground for Operation Dynamo in May and June of 1940. Made up of several neighbourhoods, the city extends out from Dunkirk-Centre, its historic foundation.

What to do in and around Dunkerque 

Take a walk along the canals or over the dunes of Flanders, tour the Vauban fortifications by bike or boat, either electric or paddle-powered, explore the Parc Zoologique de Fort Mardyck, or the Dunkerque Harbour Museum. There’s no shortage of nature walks you can take during your weekend in Dunkerque .

Built in the 15th century, the Tour du Leughenaer was the first lighthouse in Dunkerque . The Belfry, built in a Gothic style and which, at 58 metres, towers over the rest of the city, is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site, along with the Hôtel de Ville. Consisting of 15 sculptures, the Chapel of Light in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Bourbourg Church is well worth a detour. You can visit the Dunkerque Harbour Museum to trace the city’s history, or the Drawing and Original Prints Museum.

The major event on the calendar is the famous Carnaval de Dunkerque: every year it draws tens of thousands of curious people, from the end of January to the beginning of April. In the daytime, bands play music, marching along behind the drum-major. At night, balls bring together carnival-goers, creating a festive atmosphere for them to enjoy. Among other major events not to be missed, the Festival Les Ecrans de la Mer, dedicated to films about the sea, is held in May of each year.