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  • Martigues
  • 15 Jun. 202416 Jun. 2024
    15 Jun.16 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Martigues, 1 hotel

Stay at our affordable hotel in Martigues and discover the “Venice of Provence.” Made up of different neighbourhoods and small villages, Martigues has all the charm and atmosphere typical of Provence. To make the most of it and fully enjoy your getaway to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region, book a room in our B&B hotel in Martigues.

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Located in the south-east of France, between the Étang de Berre lagoon and the Mediterranean Sea, Martigues is only 40 km from Marseille. Perfectly located between land and sea, the city is near the coast, but nonetheless has 97 hectares of forest land. Classified as a seaside, tourist resort, but also a Town of Art and History, Martigues never ceases to surprise. Don’t wait any longer: book your accommodations in Martigues and come enjoy a relaxing visit.

Our best hotel in Martigues

For your hotel in Martigues, book a room in our B&B Hotel at Martigues Port de Bouc.

Our establishment offers a wide selection of rooms, designed to suit our guests’ needs. All of them are equipped with free and unlimited WiFi, a flat-screen TV, climate control and high-quality bedding to guarantee your comfort.

Our B&B Hotel Martigues Port de Bouc if perfect if you want to take advantage of the city. Near to the Fos-sur-Mer seaside resort, it provides you with the opportunity to go sunbathing during the summer season. This two-star hotel overlooks the marina’s harbour, making it the perfect starting point for a walk! Highly accessible, it is 1 km from the Port-de-Bouc SNCF station and 40 km from the Marseille-Provence airport. The perfect chance to breathe in the Mediterranean air!

Don’t hesitate any longer and book your affordable hotel in Martigues today!

Your stay in Martigues

Excavations have proven that Martigues has been populated since the Neolithic Era. But it was not until around 1800 BC that the city site grew with the construction of walls, notably at Collet Redon. In the Middle Ages, the Bouc port was constructed and began to compete with the one in Marseilles. Since the start of the 20th century, different projects have been undertaken to counter the “Grand Marseille” initiative. The city succeeded in being classified a seaside and tourist resort in 2008 and a Town of Art and History in 2010.

Looking for the perfect walk? The Grand Parc de Figuerolles is a natural park dedicated to unwinding, covering an area of over 130 hectares. Located on the edge of the Étang de Berre lagoon, it has walking paths, picnic areas, games for children, a bike route… If you want to take a pleasant stroll, the Étang de Berre is the perfect spot to do so. In the summer, you can rent equipment for water sports: windsurf boards, kayaks, sailing dinghies, paddles... Everything you need! In the summer, head for the beaches of the southern coast, like the La Couronne and Sainte Croix beaches.

Martigues has many religious buildings and other monuments featuring remarkable architecture. The Notre Dame de la Miséricorde Chapel is perched on a hill 100 m above sea level, offering an incredible view overlooking the whole city. You can contemplate the Sainte Marie-Madeleine Church, classified as a historical monument, built in the baroque style and with original painted murals. The l’Annonciade Chapel, the Bouc Fort and the Saint-Géniès church are some of the other monuments you’ll want to visit during your stay in Martigues.

What is there to do in Martigues?

Every year in June, the Saint-Pierre celebration is held and employees of the city even get the day off. The first Saturday of July signals the start of summer festivities with the Martigues “Fête Vénitienne” celebration, ending with a bang as fireworks burst over the Étang de Berre. In July, the Festival de Martigues is held: world music, singing and dancing take the spotlight. The Martigues Chamber Music Festival, in July, brings baroque music and contemporary music together.

As you can see, the city of Martigues is a lively place all year round! To come enjoy the idyllic environs of this Provence city, don’t wait any longer to book your room at our hotel in Martigues!