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  • Quimper
  • 16 Apr. 202417 Apr. 2024
    16 Apr.17 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Quimper, 2 hotels

Book your affordable stay in Quimper

The cultural capital of Brittany, Quimper is foundin the heart of the Cornouaille region, the most popular tourist area in the Finistère. The city is home to magnificent heritage, and is a wonderful place to enjoy a walk. Don’t delay—book your stay in Quimper today!

Where to stay in Quimper

Choose from our best hotels in Quimper

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Quimper ? B&B HOTELS has two establishments in the prefecture: the B&B Hotel Quimper Nord Douarnenez and the B&B Hotel Quimper Sud Bénodet. Our comfortable, well-equipped rooms are soundproofed, ensuring you will have a calm, peaceful night’s sleep. You will appreciate their comfort: each room is equipped with cosy linens, a flat-screen television and free, unlimited Wi-Fi.

Discover the city of Quimper

Flint discovered during archaeological digs attests to the occupation of the area as far back as the Prehistoric period. During the Roman period, Quimper was a flourishing maritime trading post, but it later diminished in importance. Founded by Gradlon in the 5th and 6th centuries, the city would become a major political and religious centre. The names of Kemper and Quempercorentin appeared at the end of the 11th century. In 1532, Brittany became part of France. The Wars of Religion were a troubled time: Quimper, an ally of the Holy League, joined the combat in 1595. Pottery works were developed in the 18th century. By the 20th century, the economy was based primarily on the food industry, in particular jam and preserves.

Discover the city on foot

Nature lovers can take advantage of their stay in Quimper to enjoy some time in the fresh air. The city is home to numerous green spaces such as the Jardin de la Retraite, the Jardin du Théâtre Max Jacob, the Jardin du Prieuré de Locamaria, the Jardin de la Paix and more. You can also plan a relaxing afternoon in Céach'Gwen, Quimper’s amusement park.

Quimper is home to an exceptional heritage, notably the Cathédrale Saint Corentin. This jewel of Breton gothic art was built in the 13th century. You can also admire the Bishops’ Palace, which is now home to the Breton departmental museum, beautiful timber-frame houses, the Place Terre au Duc, and the Locmaria neighbourhood, its gardens and its priory. You can also visit the pottery museum, which traces 300 years of history.

Numerous events are organised throughout the year in Quimper. From the Winter Circus, which takes place in late January each year at the Théâtre à Tout Age (in December), by way of the Hivernautes (February), the Festival de Cornouaille (first week in July) and the Semaines Musicales de Quimper (early August), the Festival des Insolents and the Festival des Mots (October), the year is full of exciting events!